Riots in Bangladesh, Possible Coup (Important Information for You)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 6, 2018

He wants justice… for the roads. 

So I guess Bangladesh is experiencing some kind of a… Paki Spring.

Who knows.

I can’t think of anything this has to do with my life.

But I do wonder who is doing it. It is soooo easy to use social media to stage a revolution in a third world country. I’ve explained how anyone can do it. I don’t know why more people aren’t doing it.

I hope someone is doing this just for lulz.


Bangladesh authorities have shut down mobile internet across swathes of the country, officials and local media said Sunday, as the authorities try to quell massive student protests that have spiraled into violence.

For the last week students have brought parts of the capital Dhaka to a standstill with a protest against poor road safety after 2 teenagers were killed by a speeding bus.

Yes, see.

With a few Twitter accounts, you can over throw a third world government because of poor road safety. 

On Saturday the protests took a violent turn in Dhaka’s Jigatala neighborhood with more than 100 people injured.

Witnesses said police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at demonstrators and that alleged pro-government activists attacked youngsters, including some of those rushing to nearby hospitals for treatment.

That’s the other thing to know: these idiot brown governments will respond to any form of protest with violence, which can then be used to intensify the protest.

The country’s highest circulated newspaper Prothom Alo said 3G and 4G internet services have been shut down for 24 hours since late Saturday, shortly after the violence broke out.

That won’t help. The damage is done. Someone already lit the spark, and they’re not going to leave the streets as long as police keep engaging them. And the police will keep engaging them, because they’re stupid and have no idea how to put down an internet-oriented youth uprising.

Social media has been filled with comments from Bangladeshis unable to access the internet via their phones, although wireless and wired networks appear to be unhindered.

Jahirul Haq, chairman of the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC), told AFP they received a “decision” from the government. But he did not clarify what was the government order was. He said he would comment further on the situation later Sunday.

A senior telecoms official who asked for anonymity said: “The BTRC has slowed down the internet at the order of the government.”

The move may be an attempt to try and limit the ability of students to mobilize or spread growing online outrage over how the government has handled the protests, hours after police and unidentified men wielding sticks and stones clashed with students.


It starts out with road safety, and then becomes about the government response to the protest.

This is shooting fish in a barrel.

I so, so hope this is trolls somewhere just demonstrating that this is possible, rather than the CIA or whatever.

Images and photos of the attacks on students allegedly by the ruling party activists have flooded the social media, prompting renewed outrage.

Police denied they fired rubber bullets or tear gas at the protesters. However hospital staff said dozens of people had been injured, some seriously, sporting injuries consistent with rubber bullets.

The ruling Awami League party has also denied allegations its cadres beat students up.

Anyway, stupid, meaningless situation – but very instructive.

At some point, it may be beneficial for people from the internet to incite civil unrest in third world countries.

Note that I am not encouraging anyone to do this, and do not know if it is legal or not. It is probably technically illegal. I guess. But I don’t know.

The government just created a martyr out of some photographer.

Dhaka Today:

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Detective Branch later confirmed that they had picked him up for interrogation

Celebrated photographer Shahidul Alam has been picked up from his home in Dhanmondi.

He was picked up around 10:30pm Sunday in a car, a source at Drik, Shahidul’s photography agency, told the Dhaka Tribune.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Detective Branch later confirmed that they had picked him up for interrogation.

Additional Commissioner of DMP (DB) Abdul Baten told UNB that a team of detectives detained Shahidul from his Dhanmondi residence for interrogation over his Facebook posts over the ongoing student protests.

Ramna Division Additional Deputy Commissioner Abdullahel Kafi confirmed that a member of Shahidul’s family had informed the police that Shahidul was picked up from his home.

“Police has not detained him, and we do not know anything about this. We are investigating this allegation,” he said.

Drik issued a statement around 1am today, saying Shahidul was forcibly abducted from his house in Dhanmondi.


This is the thing.

The nigger governments are so stupid, that they will turn a complaint about road safety into a coup.

They have no idea what to do about anything.

Anyway: take note of this.

There may be a time when you need to mass manipulate entire groups of people through social media. Check your local laws before doing so.

Totally Unrelated to Anything, Just a Random Comment

The Islamic populations in Europe would be 100% susceptible to this method. You could create civil unrest in France, Germany, Sweden, etc. among those populations that would ultimately lead to a race war like 5 130 IQ trolls and 50 Arab/Urdu/whatever translators.

Theoretically, I could write a guide on how to do it.

But I won’t.

Of course, though implementing this thing I’m talking about may or may not be illegal, writing the guide wouldn’t be. So I mean, if someone wanted to pay me to write it, I’d charge them $250,000.

If I were going to write a guide on that, I would tell people to begin as soon as possible distributing information on how to bypass social media blocking on their phones, then I would trigger a minor, controlled event that was meant to be totally limited to trigger these countries into temporarily blocking internet, which would then force the Islamic population to learn how to bypass the block.

Then when you wanted to throw your Islamic revolution – no idea why you would want to do this, just sharing random, meaningless information here – they would be prepared to bypass the block so you could keep feeding them organizational strategy and direction through the social media networks.

Just a thought experiment. Nothing more.