RiotQuest: The Endless Adventure Continues… Towards Eternity!

I already wrote the most important thing about these riots, which is that they are a staged hoax. I documented that the police are pulling out of every city and letting the blacks and antifa – who are themselves assets of the FBI – burn everything down.

That having already been stated, I think we can take a break and just enjoy the unbelievable spectacle of this event. We had a big live thread on Friday night, and I didn’t do it Saturday night because I was tired and I think everyone kind of gets the point and I don’t think I can do big live threads every night for as long as this event lasts.

But let’s just go through and look at the highlights of what was truly an amazing night.

From sea to shining sea, thine bitch hath been burnt asunder.

Unless I make a mistake, these are all from last night.

Seattle, Washington

Portland, Oregon

Oakland, California

Los Angeles, California

Denver, Colorado

Scottsdale, Arizona

Dallas, Texas

Austin, Texas

St. Louis, Missouri

Chicago, Illinois

Nashville, Tennessee

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Charleston, South Carolina

Raleigh, North Carolina

Fayetteville, North Carolina

Rochester, New York

New York, New York

Washington, DC

Yeah, okay, Weisburd.

And of Course: Minneapolis, Minnesota

The police, proudly returning to the city, decided to start firing rubber bullets at people sitting on their porches.


Remember the coronavirus, folks.

We gotta social distance, folks.

No, wait – that’s not what I want you to remember.

I want you to remember that this is all a H-O-A-X.

If you are getting all mad at the blacks, you’re being played.

You are feeling exactly what they want you to feel.

I’m not suggesting you can suppress your visceral disgust at these actions, but do remember: blacks are basically a force of nature that can be unleashed, and the people that unleash it are the ones you should be mad at. If someone released a bunch of tigers onto the streets and they were rushing through and tearing people apart, you wouldn’t blame the tigers, you’d blame the people who unleashed them on you.

It’s the same thing here.

You can point out to people the obvious fact that blacks tend to be incompatible with human civilization, sure. Okay. Fine. I think everyone basically gets that at this point and just doesn’t say it because it’s impolite and/or they’re worried about having their life destroyed. But you can point it out to your friends, if you think they didn’t notice.

But don’t get sucked up in this.

Blacks are a totally small problem compared to the much bigger problem of a government that will release blacks to burn down our cities.

This is yet another reason to take freedoms.

I’m pretty disappointed with the right-wing response to this, overall.

How many people are cheering the cops, because every once in a while they’ve been doing part of their job?

The blacks are not the issue. This is just utterly mindless nonsense. Everyone knows that black cops are more likely to kill white civilians than the other way around. The only reason these blacks are going insane in the first place is that the media has lied to them, incited them, created this gigantic stupid narrative about how the cops are committing a genocide against them just to be mean.

If the media wasn’t doing that, the blacks would not be a problem.

They want you to vent your anger at the blacks because they know it doesn’t amount to anything.

Fear not the blacks who can burn your city, but fear the Jews who can release the blacks to burn your city and lock you in your house in hell.