RiotQuest: Mega End Times Monkey Freakout Edition

A little late on my daily report here.

Because rioting never ends, but a man sometimes needs to spend a morning contemplating endless riots.

But I’m back on it now, lads.

Did you see Chris Cuomo endorse these riots and say they’re good?

That’s hot stuff.

And this leads me to my next point: #WheelchairManDeservedIt

Wheelchair man is keeping in place the mechanisms of white patriarchal supremacy, and for that, he must lose his legs. Or perhaps his arms, I suppose.

Instead of defending white racists in wheelchairs, we need to focus on the real issue: that these riots are being organized by white supremacists.

They are wearing rubber masks to look like blacks.

CNN even caught Identity Yevropa faking being Antifa in order to make Antifa seem violent.

We should remember though that not all whites are bad. Just look at this white woman, bowing down and worshiping a black man.

This white bitch was trying to help the blacks or white supremacists or whatever and she got her titties blown off.

You think it’s bad getting your tits shot off – what about your eyeballs….!

And this sure is weird:

Look at this white supremacist in a rubber mask:

Despicable! Making the blacks look bad!

How dare he?

Here’s another white man in a mask saying that Mexicans are bad.

How dare he? Mexicans are black allies! It’s everyone vs. the whites!

Look at these whites in New York, going buckwild.

When will we learn that white people are violent, vicious criminals? 

Many white supremacists are extreme autistics, so I’m not surprised they went for the Lego store. Some others, who don’t know the ways of the white supremacists, who don’t know about their deep autism, were surprised by this.

And it wasn’t much better in the rest of the country, where the white supremacist mob ran the streets.

It’s a good thing the cops are keeping order.

We love our cops, don’t we folks?

The cops are even… providing the underprivileged youths with… bricks!

No doubt to help them… rebuild the cities that these white racists destroyed! Yeah, that’s it!

There are bricks everywhere now. Just nothing but bricks, spread through every city, by the lovely cops who are urging the blacks to use them to rebuild.


Crazy times!

Just remember – no matter what what these zoomer brats on Twitter are saying, this is not a race war.

Rumors that Trump is breeding a new soldier are false.

This has already been checked by Snopes.

The situation with these riots is very simple: it is white supremacists dressed up in rubber “black man masks” looting other white people in order to make blacks look bad.

We have established this fact.

Thank God for Marco Rubio, the one politician who is out there standing up for black people and pointing out that this is all being organized by white supremacists.

I want to thank the people of Holland.

I want to thank the people of Britain.

I want to thank Spain, where… hundreds of thousands…? … marched in support of George Floyd.

I want to thank Australia.

I want to thank Germany.

I want to thank Denmark.

And lastly, I just want to thank the people of *squints* the people of Syria for supporting our American nig— our African-American brothers.

Because the whole world has come together to realize: George Floyd was Jesus Christ, the second coming.

And we killed him.

Boom boom boom – dead.

He came to save us from our sins, and this is what we did.