Riot Police Raid Building Occupied by Greeks Who Resist Planned Mosque – Golden Dawn Intervenes!

George Papailias
Daily Stormer
November 6, 2016

That which has never happened with the hundreds of squats created for criminal purposes by all types of leftists and parastatals, happened a short while ago in Votanikos (A neighborhood of Athens) against the efforts of some local residents helping their fellow Greeks.

At dawn, armored squads of riot police conducted an operation to vacate the area, which housed homeless Greeks and which had attracted several people.

The order was handed down from the political leadership, which tolerates occupations by parastate servants of the left, an order which the pseudo-right of New Democracy endorsed, and who had never laid a finger on the illegal squatting of the Left.


Immediately arriving on the scene were MPs of Golden Dawn, Ilias

Panagiotaros and Ilias Kasidiaris, who made statements.

This is how the incident was presented by websites loyal to the current regime:

“The MPs of Golden Dawn are on the fence, literally, following the evacuation of like-minded “citizens of the region” who had occupied the site where the construct the mosque in Athens is planned.”


The sheet metal, which was placed at the entrance so that there is no visual contact with the interior following the police operation, forced Ilias Kasidiaris to climb the railings to look inside.

Ilias Panagiotaros mockingly shouted at police “May you have the blessing of the Imam.”

Among other things, the two MPs mentioned a Sacred Temple which was set up inside and asked for similar operation to be carried out on illegal mosques operating in many parts of Attica.