Rio Olympics: Athletes Warned They Will Be Swimming in Feces

Daily Stormer
July 30, 2016


The pools prepared for the swimming competitions.

The Brazilians are entirely equal to us in every way. The fact that they’re not capable of removing the human refuse from their water in time for the Olympic games is only some kind of weird stroke of bad luck.

It could have happened in Germany or Canada all the same.

The Independent:

Athletes competing in the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil have been warned by doctors, engineers, and scientists to keep their mouths shut while participating in activities in the water.


Don’t be concerned about the Zika virus epidemic. You have much worse to be worried about.

Researchers found that many of the beaches in Rio de Janeiro have been long contaminated with raw sewage, household garbage, and even dead bodies, creating hazardous swimming conditions for the 500,000 people expected to descend on the city in August.

Foreign athletes will literally be swimming in human crap, and they risk getting sick from all those microorganisms,” Rio paediatrician Dr Daniel Becker told the New York Times. “It’s sad but also worrisome.


Worrisome indeed. Oh well, I guess there’s nothing we can do.

The Brazilian government had promised to clean the pathogen-infested Guanabara Bay in 2014, but those efforts failed.

Stelberto Soares, a municipal engineer who has worked on Rio sanitation issues for decades, said that the government’s efforts to clean the waters were superficial at best.

“They can try to block big items like sofas and dead bodies, but these rivers are pure sludge,” he said, “so the bacteria and viruses are going to just pass through.”


They put up a sofa and corpse filter!


Good job guys. No, don’t worry about the rest of the crap. Your can rest now.

So, in principle, smaller items like dead rats or faeces can still get through.

“We just have to keep our mouths closed,” said 24-year-old Afrodite Zegers of the Dutch sailing team – one of the 10,000 athletes from 205 countries competing in Brazil.

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Where is Alex Jones and his water filters when we need him?

The International Olympic Committee maintained that the waters where athletes will compete meet World Health Organisation safety standards.

laughing toothless indian

The corpse-sludge meets safety standards, they say!

The Games will get underway amid a tumultuous time for the South American country. It is the veritable epicentre of the Zika virus global health crisis, higher crime, a massive police strike, and impeachment proceedings for former president Dilma Rousseff.

These Rio Olympics will be a complete disaster.

It’s going to be simply epic.

Athletes will be falling sick left and rights. There’s either be huge riots, or blood-curdling tales of police brutality in repressing them.

And the best part is that the liberal establishment is just going along with it, pretending as if nothing is wrong, in order to keep up the masquerade that Brazil is a first world country just like us.

Prepare to be entertained, my friends.

And, huh, if you intended to go yourself… Don’t forget your hazmat suit.