Ring of Elysium: Anime BR Review Including Exclusive Superior Tactics Guide

Gottfried Sturmherr
Daily Stormer
December 22, 2018

A Chinese challenger has appeared on the free-to-play battle royale vidya scene.

Tencent’s Ring of Elysium was recently released in early access on Steam and I have tested the game extensively.

Early indicators are that RoE could end up being the best offering of the genre. I am quite certain that Epic and PUBG’s CEOs are already ringing up Justin Trudeau and demanding he kidnap Tencent’s CEO immediately.

Before I get to my own superior tactics guide, let’s check out the review at IGN.


Now that battle royale games have become legion, the new arms race is to find clever ways for a new game to set itself apart from the Fortnites and PUBGs of the world. In Tencent’s winter-themed Ring of Elysium, which recently launched as a surprisingly polished early access game with cosmetic-only microtransactions, there’s more than a little inspiration taken from those two behemoths, but its wintery theme, clever new ideas around movement, and exciting final moments make it feel distinct.

It most definitely has a very distinct feeling to it. The entire in-game atmosphere is much more inviting than PUBG’s. Although movement may feel somewhat clunky at first, it is much better than PUBG was when it entered Early Access. You can vault already, imagine that!

Here, a smaller-than-average group of 60 players (either alone, in pairs, or in groups of up to four) battle it out to escape a deadly blizzard that ravages remote mountain towns. But unlike the usual trudging around on foot or the occasional vehicle, Ring mixes up the way you get from point A to point B with a map that features not only ski lifts, but also gives you access to snowboards, hang gliders, and mountain-climbing gear. That change injects exciting creativity into the genre without going into off-the-wall fantasy.

You may say it is not very realistic to pull a glider out of your a**, however, it is not reaching levels of “LOL lemme just wall myself in kek” of Fortnite.

Choose between the glider pack, snowboard or climbing equipment

The weapon handling is fairly similar to what PUBG has to offer and weapon types are almost the same. A major improvement, however, is that while looting attachments, those will automatically be equipped to your weapon. If you drop a weapon, attachments will be placed into your inventory if you have enough room.

Weapons can fit two sight attachments, making it easy to switch between a red-dot and a four-times scope on your favorite AR via hotkey. Bind “Toggle fire mode” and with just pressing two buttons you can transform your rifle from close quarter combat to mid range fighting.

Outside of that, the biggest change that Ring of Elysium introduces is that there is not just one single winner at the end of a match. Instead, as the storm closes in and wreaks havoc on your surroundings, a helicopter flies in to rescue survivors – but it’s only got four seats. So regardless of whether you play as a four-person squad or not, only four people can leave the match alive, and that gives the last moments a fresh and completely exhilarating change of pace. The evacuation zone is clearly marked for everyone so it results in a mad dash as each person scrambles for the chopper and shoots down others trying to climb the ladder. This can create utter chaos and sheds a bright light on what makes Ring of Elysium feel so new.

The cosmetic-only micro-transactions include cool anime-style skins, and clothing for your custom avatar

The zone mechanic is much better and provides more diverse and surprising development during a match. While you are still able to predict where hostile players may be moving into the zone, it is much harder for high-end gamers to predict and minimize ambushes.

Especially exciting is the final zone with the helicopter arriving and almost always fierce fighting ensuing.

Outside the action, Ring of Elysium also takes inspiration from another source for how it asks you for money. There’s a robust “Adventure Pass” that works just like Fortnite’s Battle Pass, in which you unlock tiers of rewards that include new skins and XP boosts, many of which can only be accessed if you pay for the season’s pass. I don’t usually pay for optional cosmetics in games, but I ended up dropping $10 for this season’s content and look forward to unlocking all of the skins. Other than that, Ring of Elysium is entirely free to play if cosmetics don’t matter to you at all.

This must be especially interesting to all 9-year-old players, who do not get sufficient allowance – you do not need to steal your mother’s credit card to play this game!

With Q (default setting) you can mark positions for your friends

Gone are the times of intense screaming over the microphone, hastily looking for degrees and subsequent deaths of teammates. No more “HE IS RIGHT THERE” “AT TWO-SIXTY-FIVE” “NORTH EAST NEAR THE SHACK!!!”

Instead just a very calm: “Marked.”

Some people have been complaining about less randomness due to the lack of an airspawn.

One major break with battle royale tradition that I feel eliminates an exciting element of randomness and strategy is that Ring of Elysium ditches the air drop concept and simply lets you pick where you want to spawn on the map.

The spawn location of the other players is visible, which means you can get into very early fighting, if that is how you like to play. You also start with a weapon and even if you do not find a gun immediately, you are still better off than in PUBG. Anyone who has searched three houses without finding a gun and ended up getting snacked by a shotgun knows what kind of frustration I am talking about.

The kind of frustration where things break around you and neighbors start bumping the wall.

The author’s favorite skin: Hikage Pale Raven

As a new early access game, Ring of Elysium is already more polished and feature-rich than many of the other battle royale games out there. By injecting a fresh take on movement with creative solutions like snowboards and streamlined loot management, in addition to an escape chopper that creates a last-second rush to be one of four survivors, Tencent has introduced a surprisingly inventive version of what’s become gaming’s hottest and most crowded new genre. It’s still got a few kinks to work out, but in its current state it already offers a fantastic experience that’s completely free of charge for anything but cosmetics.

We agree with the judgment wholeheartedly. Unless Tencent does a royal Oopsie and goes full on greedy Jew, little stands in the way of Ring of Elysium superseding Fortnite and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.

Superior Tactics Guide

Ok, people, let’s get to what you came here for.

Package selection and location choices:

Glider. All the way. Always pick the glider. While you are able to carry a lot more choosing the climbing pack and your mobility uphill is slightly better, your overall mapcontrol with the glider is immensely overpowered, if done correctly.

Being able to specifically select engagements and ambush enemies mostly without them even realizing cannot be outdone.

Choose one of those starting locations

Depending on whether you prefer intense early fights or to mind your own business, make your pick in one of those locations. The Western part of the map has greater elevation giving you the air superiority you need.

Ideally, you are done looting after the initial three minute timer.

Midgame positioning and strategy:

Since it is very obvious how to play if you do not want to take engagements (just don’t engage) we will focus on how to play if you want to f*** your enemies up!

If the next safe zones are on your side of the map, you can either relocate to positions with higher elevation in your areas or start hunting for others within proximity.

You may also evaluate possible entry points of enemies who are currently outside the safe zone and set up an ambush.

Otherwise you start moving to positions with higher elevation, secure and hold them until the time of the zone is about to run out.

Best positions to start from

Depending on where the zones are exactly, how much resistance you encounter during your travel, and your overall situation, you must decide when to do the jump and start gliding into or toward the zone.

Usually, it is a good idea to time it in a way that you enter the safe zone with maximum altitude and minimum time on the clock. This means that within a few seconds of you entering the safe zone, the new safe zone will be revealed.

You can now either choose to locate to the most elevated position in the last safe zone, being the first to reach it (most of the time) giving you a significant advantage toward the enemy players still alive.

Or you can locate enemies (usually around the edges of the safe zones) and get involved. It has proven to be tricky business. While it is easy to locate enemies visually or through gun fire, others can do the same.

And while you may get the drop on one or two players, a third one may have just been observing the situation and end you.

Gliding to safety, the map enables the use of the glider until the very end, most of the time

Endgame and escape:

Following this superior tactics guide you should be able to make it to the endgame very consistently, while also having a lot of fun annoying the living hell out of the others. Top ten ratings well above 60% and win ratings well above 20-30% are something even an average player can achieve this way.

How to position yourself depends highly on the location of the last circle, the previous circles and your choice of positioning before the revelation of the final circle.

As a general rule of thumb you can never go wrong with high ground.

How to escape and what to do in which situation has (mostly) little to do with the choice of the package in the beginning. It is also easily the most exciting and thrilling part of the game and we hope this guide will help you bring a lot of joy to your heart and a lot of pain to your enemy’s.

Do not forget what happened to Toruk Makto

Embrace the death from above