Rim Cook Bans Xbox Games from iPhone – Is There Any Reason to Own an iPhone Anymore?

Apple CEO and vicious, bloodsucking homosexual “Rim Cook” took over the company following the death of Steve Jobs in 2011.

Nearly a decade after his death, there is virtually nothing left of the once-great company.

Despite the fact that the company’s stock is as idiotically overpriced as their products, people are beginning to wonder if there is even any point to this company at all.

A new round of questions regarding what even the point is were aroused this week following Apple’s decision to ban Xbox streaming games from iPhone.

Tech Crunch:

Most gamers may not view Apple  as a games company to the same degree that they see Sony with PlayStation or Microsoft with Xbox, but the iPhone-maker continues to uniformly drive the industry with decisions made in the Apple App Store.

The company made the news a couple times late this week for App Store approvals. Once for denying a gaming app, and the other for approving one.

The denial was Microsoft’s  xCloud  gaming app, something the Xbox folks weren’t too psyched about. Microsoft xCloud is one of the Xbox’s most substantial software platform plays in quite some time, allowing gamers to live-stream titles from the cloud and play console-quality games across a number of devices. It’s a huge effort that’s been in preview for a bit, but is likely going to officially launch next month. The app had been in a Testflight preview for iOS, but as Microsoft looked to push it to primetime, Apple said not so fast.

The app that was approved was the Facebook Gaming app which Facebook has been trying to shove through the App Store for months to no avail. It was at last approved Friday after the company stripped one of its two central features, a library of playable mobile games. In a curt statement to The New York Times, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said, “Unfortunately, we had to remove gameplay functionality entirely in order to get Apple’s approval on the stand-alone Facebook Gaming app.”

Microsoft’s Xbox team also took the unusually aggressive step of calling out Apple in a statement that reads, in-part, “Apple stands alone as the only general purpose platform to deny consumers from cloud gaming and game subscription services like Xbox Game Pass. And it consistently treats gaming apps differently, applying more lenient rules to non-gaming apps even when they include interactive content.”

Microsoft is still a $1.61 trillion company so don’t think I’m busting out the violin for them, but iOS is the world’s largest gaming platform, something CEO Tim Cook proudly proclaimed when the company launched its own game subscription platform, Apple Arcade, last year. Apple likes to play at its own pace, and all of these game-streaming platforms popping up at the same time seem poised to overwhelm them.

There should be questions about how this is even legal, but the tech industry exists totally outside the boundaries of law in a kind of anarcho-capitalist paradise. They are just allowed to do anything they want.

But the consumer should be asking why it is that he would be supporting a company that engages in such open and aggressive anti-consumer practices.

The iPhone 11 is nothing more than an $1100 iPhone 6, and the iPhone 12 is guaranteed to be the same deal.

There is no longer a major difference in security between Android and Apple. In fact, newer Androids are actually likely more secure than iOS. The features of the phones have peaked. They basically peaked in 2015.

So why are people supporting this company, in current year? Just out of habit?

Look at what Rim Cook has done with the MacBook Pro. He’s added this sickening “touch bar.”

It has no purpose, at all. It was virulently hated when it was introduced back in 2016, but instead of responding to customer hate by removing the hated thing, Rim Cook decided to double down and make it so you cannot even buy a MacBook Pro that doesn’t have it. You can still get a MacBook Air that doesn’t have it, but that probably won’t be around for long.

The plan is obviously to replace the entire keyboard with a touch screen, because it’s cheaper to make. Customers hate the touch bar, and they will hate a full touch screen even more, but the Rim Cook philosophy is that customers don’t have a choice, and they will take whatever he decides to shove up their anuses.

Personally, I’ve had more than enough and I am finished with the company. I will never buy another product from the sickening anus-worshiping psychopath Rim Cook. I will use Chinese phones and I will run Linux on Chinese laptops.

It didn’t have to be this way. All of these decisions to destroy Apple, which was one of the greatest American companies and one of the greatest companies in the world, were made by Rim Cook, while he was high on poppers and trying to cover up evidence for various anal intrusions.

This man should be in prison for his various anal activities. Instead, he’s running a great American company into the ground.

Very sad.