Rihanna After Visiting White House: The Best Part About Obama is That He’s Black

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 12, 2014

Wait... what... is... going on... here...?
Wait… what… is… going on… here…?

One of the most embarrassing things about having a Black President is that he publicly engages with degenerate, drug-using Black porno-figures.  He has engaged repeatedly with Jay-Z and his whore wife, the icon of Black Feminism Beyonce, and he recently hosted Negress slut Rihanna at the White House.

When asked about what the best part of visiting the White Hose was, Rihanna responded “that our President is Black.”

Fret not though, dear goyim. It is fine for Black people to take pride and pleasure in their racial conquests, because they don’t have a history of constantly turning innocent Jews into lampshades.

Daily Reminder: You asked for this, America
Daily Reminder: You asked for this, America