Right on Schedule: New Deadly Variant “Emerges” in Time for Dark Winter

These blotches mean your entire life is over – forever.

The single most meaningful indicator of the accuracy of a model of understanding is its ability to predict future happenings accurately.

Thus far, I have accurately predicted every single element of the virus hoax accurately.

Just a few limited examples:

  • I said deaths were being exaggerated
  • I said that the virus was a rebranding of the flu (or at least no more dangerous than the flu)
  • I predicted that shutting down the economy and printing mass money would lead to extreme inflation
  • I predicted that mail-in ballots would be used to steal the election
  • I predicted that the hoax would not end when Trump had the election stolen from him
  • I said that the hoax would never end
  • I predicted that the vaccine would be extremely unsafe
  • I predicted that a “green pass” would be introduced to block the unvaxed out of society
  • I predicted that the vaccine wouldn’t work
  • I predicted that they would come out with “boosters” on a schedule

What’s truly shocking is that for most of those predictions, I was more or less the only person predicting them.

Of course, I also predicted that for a major lockdown in the coming winter, they would introduce a “new variant.”

Now, here comes that.


A newly discovered coronavirus strain with a significant number of mutations has prompted the World Health Organization (WHO) to convene a special emergency meeting, set to discuss how to address the evolved variant.

The global health body’s technical head on Covid-19, Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, announced the upcoming meeting on Thursday during a livestreamed Q&A session, saying experts would gather Friday to talk about the new strain, dubbed B.1.1.529, which has now been detected in South Africa, Botswana and Hong Kong.

“Our technical advisory group on virus evolution is discussing this with our colleagues in South Africa,” Van Kerkhove said of the new variant, adding “We’re also meeting again tomorrow.”

“We’re calling a special meeting to discuss this, not to cause alarm, but just because we have the system in place, we can bring these scientists together and discuss ‘what does it mean?’”

Not much is currently known about the newly emerging strain, the WHO official continued, noting that fewer than 100 full genomic sequences are available for review. What is known, however, is that the variant has already been observed to have “a large number of mutations,” raising questions and concerns over how that will impact diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccinations. 

Yes, this is when – as I predicted – they will tell you that the vaccine really doesn’t even work at all.

I just simply cannot understand how anyone is questioning me at this point.

It’s not about me – it’s about the fact that I’m right, and no one can say I wasn’t right. The facts are in and they just keep coming in.

I’m right.



I have an impeccable track record.

If any of you morons came up with excuses to not get out of the city, or whined about “bro, I can’t lose my job, bro” – as if everyone else could afford to lose their job and you had some unique situation – you are going to regret this more than anyone has ever regretted anything.

Taking the vax will not save you. It will only destroy your health and make everything else that much worse.

You people who didn’t listen to me, even though you know as an absolute matter of fact that I had a predictive model which has so far been accurate 100% of the time, make me sick and you deserve everything you get.