Right and Left Jews Come Together to Condemn Nick Fuentes, Mussolini (White Christians)

Nick Fuentes is the single last major right-wing account left on Twitter. Even Bill Mitchell is banned, but somehow, Nick holds on.

He is always walking the line on what he’s allowed to say.

I get it – you gotta do it. You gotta say something, and if they ban you, you get banned. It’s hard to know how far to walk it. You don’t go out there and say, “GEORGE FLOYD IS A DRUG ADDICTED N-WORD AND I’M GLAD HE’S DEAD! I ONLY WISH HE WOULD HAVE DIED LIKE THAT N-WORD IN AMERICAN HISTORY X INSTEAD OF FROM DRUGS!”

Everyone knows you don’t say that.

But then, what do you say?

Do you say, “Sure, Trump is like Mussolini and Mussolini is good”?

Yes, you say that.

When you do say that, the Jews gang up on you.

Jewish CNN host Jake Tapper retweeted Fuentes.

Apparently, what he is saying there is that Mussolini died as a result of the war.

But if dying in World War II makes you a loser, then what does that say about the alleged six million Jews who were allegedly masturbated to death by Adolf Hitler?

It’s a good question and I had a big think when I pondered it.

But here’s the real thing: it’s not surprising that a leftist Jew like Jake Tapper would condemn a young white Christian who is tweeting about how one white Christian leader is like another Christian leader.

But what if I told you a “right-wing” Jew came to bro fist the left-wing Jew in condemning white Christians?

Would that surprise you?

If so, then prepare to be surprised.

Yes, friends: the right-wing Jew Ben Shapiro join in to condemn all of these Christian people, retweeting his kinsman.

In actual reality, these left and right Jews have “bro fisted” before.

Ben Shapiro reads the Daily Stormer, and posted a screenshot from the site two years ago – and the Jew Tapper came in to give his emotions.

This is standard fare, in fact.

These Jews might play left-winger, they might play right-winger, but it is all a game to them. At the end of the day, they are all Jews, and they all hate us because we are Christians.

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The lesson here is this: we have to get these Jews out of the right-wing movement. Their only purpose is SABOTAGE.

They don’t believe in any of our stuff, and they don’t care about it. They will always side with left-wing Jews before they will side with right-wing Christians.

This is the problem with secular politics: it allows Jews.


If we have Christian politics, that means NO JEWS.