Rigging the Election – Video IV: Democrat Operatives Willfully Accepting Illegal Foreign Donations

Daily Stormer
October 26, 2016

Project Veritas has released a new video, part IV of their “Rigging the Election” series, which shows footage of Democrat operatives willfully accepting what was presented as a $20,000 donation from a foreign source. This is more documented evidence of criminal activity by these characters. It is against the law to accept foreign donations in this capacity.

The foreign source was actually working under cover with Project Veritas. They ended up wiring $20,000 from a Belize bank that the Democrats happily accepted. Once they received the money they started having discussions with the undercover man about granting special access, etc.

What makes the whole thing interesting is that they only returned the $20,000 after they realized that their operations had been infiltrated. It shows that under normal circumstances, they have no issue with accepting foreign donations even though it is against the law.

So far, Project Veritas has released video evidence documenting Democrat conspiracies to commit vote fraud, conspiracies to agitate violence and a willingness to accept illegal political contributions from foreigners. Then you have all the Wikileaks stuff that has been dumped. This entire operation surrounding Hillary Clinton is about as corrupt as you can get.

It looks as if Project Veritas is slowly working their way up the Democrat food chain in these videos. While this might be wishful thinking, I hope they have damning footage of Hillary Clinton that they’ll dump at a time to cause maximum political damage. I guess we’ll see.