Rigged Election: Twitter Bans 150,000 Trump Accounts, Citing QAnon, “Threat of Harm”

Twitter’s official “Twitter Safety” account on Tuesday announced the mass banning of accounts allegedly associated with QAnon, claiming that they are a threat to “safety.”

The official account claimed that these accounts had “potential to lead to offline harm” and “coordinating abuse around individual victims.”

The most Orwellian phrase in the five tweet announcement was that the bans were to “protect the public conversation in the face of evolving threats.”

Perhaps even more extreme than the bans, they announced that they will block URLs from sites “associated with QAnon.”

Although a number was not given in the announcement, a spokesperson for Twitter told NBC News that this will apply to 150,000 accounts. The spokesperson asked to remain anonymous, according to NBC, due to fear for her life, which is actually insane.

This is a staggeringly bold action. Twitter is engaging in a massive election meddling conspiracy that is beyond the scale of any conspiracy that QAnon could ever invent.

You may or may not be familiar with QAnon, but let me just let you in on something about this meme: virtually every MAGA boomer Trump-voter posts QAnon content. Maybe they don’t agree with all of it, maybe some of them don’t even know it is QAnon content, but when it comes to the MAGA part of the internet, there is really no way to distinguish between “QAnon content” and “Trump-supporter content.”

By issuing a ban on QAnon content, Twitter is effectively issuing a blanket ban on the large majority of Trump supporters on their website. All the accounts might not be banned at once, but they are now all subjected to a ban if Twitter decides they are too popular or too effective in spreading support for the President.

Going ahead and banning 150,000 accounts off the bat will I believe wipe out the vast majority of pro-Trump accounts with more than 1,000 followers. This is actually a slaughter.

We knew this was coming, but the audacity of it is tremendously flabbergasting. Looking back, it would have been obvious that this would be the route they would take in issuing a mass ban, because QAnon is something that the masses of people perhaps have a negative opinion of, but which is basically just a codeword for boomer Trump content.

I couldn’t tell the difference between a “non-QAnon boomer Trump account” and a “pro-QAnon boomer Trump account” if I tried, and I’m sure the people who work at Twitter cannot.

For example, these memes now violate the policy of Twitter, and posting them or linking to a website that has posted them will result in a permanent ban:

Any MAGApede would retweet those, whether they are a Q follower or not. Everyone knows that. Twitter knows that. Furthermore, you could say that any non-Q related Trump meme was Q related.

Do you remember when the Democrats (and many Republicans) spent 3 years claiming that Russians posting memes on social media was “foreign election meddling”? If that is the case, then what is it when the social media companies themselves decide to totally limit access to any content supportive of Donald Trump? How is it possible that the government is not doing anything about this? Why did the Republicans not do something to protect freedom of speech on the internet when they controlled both houses of Congress? Instead, many of them were supporting the Russia hoax.

If something is banned from all social media, it basically makes it impossible for 90% of the general public to find it, ever. For the overwhelming majority of the population, the internet = social media platforms. Even if you’re interested in the content and you know how to find it, if it’s not on the big sites, you likely will not bother. I used to follow Alex Jones when he was on YouTube and Twitter, but if I’m being honest, I rarely go look him up on his website, because I was never really looking for him specifically in the first place, I was just looking for “stuff I like” and would run across him.

What’s more, if they want to just outright ban you from the internet completely, they can do that. The Daily Stormer was the first site they did that to, but they’ve since done it to 8chan. They stole our domains and then pulled backbone services from us.

I am uniquely driven, and we are also uniquely blessed to have a world famous hacker keeping the site online for me. We also luckily have a devoted readership with some knowledge of Bitcoin, who will send me thousands of dollars a month to pay the insane amounts of money it costs to have a site online. Most people do not have those advantages. Very few people could have kept a site online in the way we have managed to do. The tech monopolies have already established as a matter of fact that they can steal a domain and cancel backbone services. So if the people did ever move off of social media, they can immediately use that other form of censorship on them, without being questioned by anyone.

You can add to that the fact that public gatherings are officially banned under the coronavirus regime, so no, people don’t have the option to just go out in the streets and speak freely. Of course, right-wing gatherings were already de facto banned from the streets, because the cops would allow mobs of Antifa to come and attack you, and if you defended yourself you would be the one to get charged with a crime. Some people have been charged simply for being attacked.

There is absolutely zero free speech in America. It is completely gone. We are worse off than China, by a longshot. This is more repressive than the USSR.

Do you remember when the censorship started? It was after Charlottesville, and the stated goal was to “stop hate.” I was banned from everything, and progressively, various others were banned from social media. At the time, I tried to warn people that it would escalate out of control, that it had nothing to do with “hate” and was simply about banning everything that the system disagreed with.

Well, here we are – 150,000 Trump-supporter accounts banned in what basically amounts to a blanket ban on all content supporting the President in this election.

Meanwhile, the person who organized Charlottesville and was scheduled to be the headlining speaker, Richard Spencer, is still allowed to operate completely freely on Twitter. He has never been banned. If it’s about Charlottesville and “hate,” how is that possible?

Because it’s not about Charlottesville or “hate.” It’s about altering the outcome of this election. Richard Spencer hasn’t been banned because he believes all women, he supports the coronavirus lockdown, and most importantly, he supports Joe Biden. They do not care that he said that stuff about how he should rule over black slaves, because none of this is real, none of it is what they say it is.

If they win the election this November, they will have total and complete power in America, and they will be able to do whatever they want to us, forever, or until their system collapses under its own weight.

It’s infuriating that these people are getting away with this. But it’s exactly what I said would happen. There is no mechanism within the GOP to defend people’s rights to free speech on the internet, because they’ve decided that private companies are allowed to take away your Constitutional rights at a whim, and there is nothing you can do about it.

I suppose it doesn’t matter much now, given that the Democrats are going to win through vote-by-mail whatever the case, and they were absolutely going to crack down on the internet either way after their victory.

I’m still hoping Trump can somehow force a real election, however. But with all of the stops being pulled out, it’s going to be very difficult for him to win even if he does manage to get a real election. Imagine a normie going out and voting for him after she or he has seen nothing but negative content about him for months on end.