Ricky Vaughn was Doxed – Turns Out He’s the Embodiment of the Jew’s Worst Nightmares

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 6, 2018

The anonymous shitposter known as Ricky Vaughn has been doxed.

He was involved in some various “movement drama” as of late, which I don’t personally have any desire to get into, and some shitbags who will go unnamed decided it was okay to go ahead and dox him because they didn’t agree with what he was saying.

As it turns out, Ricky is the embodiment of the worst nightmares of the Jews.

His normie name is Douglass Mackey.

And he is a completely normal, successful white male urbanite.

Becoming Infamous

Ricky Vaughn became active on Twitter in the early part of the Trump campaign. Back in the primaries.

I remember hearing him once on a podcast say that he had had a few accounts on Twitter and just chose “Ricky Vaughn” – Charlie Sheen’s character from the 1989 movie “Major League” (one of the best movies of all time, definitely the single best sports movie ever) – randomly.

In a short period, Ricky Vaughn, with his iconic Charlie Sheen avatar, became one of the single most popular pro-Trump accounts on Twitter, successfully mixing anti-Semitic and racist content with mainstream GOP type material in a way that brought normie Trump people over to our side, through a kind of osmosis.

Although the goofy Huffington Post, which was the first mainstream publication to cover this doxing, is saying bizarrely arguing that he was more influential in the election than Matt Drudge (????), he was indeed very influential in the Twittersphere.

Wow, pretty serious reporting there, guys. HEAVY.

Now, obviously, Drudge gets 1.5 billion unique page views a month, so he’s a pretty tough guy to out-influence.

What the HuffPo did was misinterpret an MIT study on the influence of Twitter accounts, where Ricky Vaughn did indeed rank higher than the official Drudge Report account. (Remember, Huffington Post bloggers are unpaid, so you can’t expect them to be real top tier.)

Ricky Vaughn was #107, ahead of NBC News (#114) , The Drudge Report (#116) and CNN (#111).

The amount of influence his account wielded scared the hell out of the mainstream Jew system, because he was doing exactly what they do not want to happen: their worst nightmare is mainstream conservative-leaning people adopting white identity politics as their default mode of operation.

He was retweeting mainstream conservative and Alt-Lite accounts right along Daily Stormer articles in such a way as to very efficiently blur the line between the spheres of the right-wing.

He was eventually banned from Twitter, shortly after the election in October of 2016.

He created a new account and several after that, but was never able to build-up the hundreds of thousands his initial account had during the election.

Post-Twitter Actions

Following the loss of his main Twitter account, Ricky became active on the Twitter clone site “Gab,” where he was often a critic of the current state of the Alt-Right movement, particularly after the events of Charlottesville last August.

He behaved in a way that I did not approve of, getting very aggressive with a lot of people in the Alt-Right, while also not offering a whole lot of positive input. It was definitely not “constructive criticism” – and I say that as someone who agreed with much of what he was saying.

He also said a lot of things that I did not agree with (or at least said a lot of things in a way that I did not agree with), such as “white identity does not exist.” After hearing his explanation of that, I think he was saying something different than what that sounds like – as in “whites currently do not feel a sense of racial identity,” rather than “white people have no natural identity.”

He also started his own podcast which I think was enlightening, whatever your position, given that it was genuinely, legitimate criticism of the Alt-Right in a way that sometimes stung and which I often disagreed with, but which was nonetheless food for thought. As a non-irate person, that is how I looked at the stuff I disagreed – food for thought.

Nonetheless, he was definitely doing something wrong, because he was pissing off a lot of good people and causing them to hate him. I had never associated with him, ever, and I was being accused of somehow being part of a conspiracy involving him by the group that doxed him. To be honest, given all the people he had pissed off, I was actually purposefully trying NOT to be linked to him over the last couple months. His take on things is nuanced and I’m not sure I fully understand myself, but his rude behavior was definitely unnecessary.

Anyway, suffice to say, he made some enemies with his recent “critic” route, and this eventually led to those enemies doxing him, based on private information that had been entrusted to a once-reputable character who turned out to be a dirty dealer.

The Nightmare of the Jew

The fact of reality is that most of us who are prominent, public white nationalists are weird people. I am probably the least weird of all, to be honest, and I’m on video partying with Thai skanks, I lived in a jungle with a primitive tribe for a year of my life, was once a conspiracy theorist, have been into a lot of different kinds of fringe politics.

Pink face (drunk, possibly on shrooms), 70s mustache, heavily tattooed dye-job teenage Slav gf, total whackjob

I have not ever really been hooked into modern Western society, and have spent most of my adult life in Asia and weird parts of Europe. As well as a bunch of other places. I have basically lived as a drifter, having very little connection to any place, due to having felt alienated by the modern Western system – not normal.

Mike Enoch is probably the weirdest of all, having been a literal libertarian ancap nutjob very, very recently. He also had allergies as a kid.

Russia gang-coat, smug face, definitely on shrooms, thinks children are “property,” unhinged

In between me and Enoch are various levels of weirdness. Richard Spencer for example believes in ghosts (and believes they send him messages) and is deathly afraid of jet skis.

Abnormal haircut, gets secret messages from ghosts, worships Hitler as the incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu, not well

But just generally, when you get into this fringe stuff – and though white identity is 100% natural, it is also fringe, because our society is controlled by Jews – the people who are willing to go full-on in the early days are all going to be a bit out of the ordinary. It takes a whole lot of balls, a whole lot of stupidity or some combination of the two to get into this scene with your real name and face.

And so what the Jews desperately want to believe is that all of the anons are reflective of the public faces of this movement – slightly strange people who are somehow maladjusted (drifter) or deranged in some way (ancap), rather than people who have been well-integrated into the system and simply hate it and want to see it destroyed and replaced with a new order.

But Ricky completely breaks that mold.

As Douglass Mackey, he is as integrated as it gets.

Sharp dresser, into nature scenes, high-paying respected job, normal guy

He is a young, intelligent, handsome guy who has been very successful in the real world of the Jew.

He graduated from Middlebury College in his native state of Vermont before moving to Brooklyn, New York in 2012 and got a job at Brooklyn Heights-based consulting firm John Dunham & Associates.

Leaving the firm in 2016, he moved to an apartment on Lexington Avenue in the Carnegie Hill, Manhattan, where he must have been doing something that made some serious money to pay that rent.

He is a successful individual, who was already making six-figures in his late twenties and was headed towards being a rich Manhattanite with all of the pussy and other luxuries that go along with that – and still he was willing to risk that to fight for America.

How Many More Just Like Him?

How many thousands of people are there exactly like this?

How many New York firms are filled with young white guys who are plotting revolution?

The Jews don’t know. I don’t even know. But I certainly have a better idea than the Jews.

Six million Jews would die of heart attacks if they knew of half of the people I’ve had contact with who support these views.

Let me just tell you, Jews: the Daily Stormer has millions of readers. And those millions are more likely to be a member of a New York consulting firm, or Wall Street firm, or a Silicon Valley start-up than they are to be construction workers or gas station attendants.

Any single young white male you see on the street, anywhere in America, could be a reader of the Daily Stormer. You could be working right next to one, who shakes your hand and smiles while thinking “I can’t wait til we shove this kike in an oven.”

That is the new reality that the Alt-Right created by hijacking the culture of the internet. And this is only spreading.

The fact is, I have the same daily views I had before Charlottesville on dailystormer.com as I have right now on dailystormer.name – and that is with zero search traffic. About half of our traffic before Charlottesville was search traffic. Meaning that I have double the readers I had before you stole my domain. And that is without counting the Tor traffic, which is in the tens of thousands of daily readers.

Every single day, thousands of people are finding the Alt-Right and agreeing with our ideas.

This is the new reality.

Doxing is Inexcusable. Period. The End. No Further Fucking Discussion.

As I have said, I’m not going to name the individuals involved in Ricky’s doxing. You can find out who it was if you care to know, but their names aren’t ever going to appear on my website again.

His name was released and then the Huffington Post wrote the story up after part of the doxing group sent them information.

These are people I once respected, and it is very, very disappointing to see them sink to this kind of sickening, traitorous behavior.

I’m not going to dwell on this other than to say: as far as I’m concerned, the people involved in this are now persona non grata, and nothing they do can ever make-up for having done this.

Doxing is the ultimate breach of trust. And it is not just breaching the trust of an individual, but of the entire movement – all of the trust that we have built between each other, as a collective movement of political dissidents fighting against the most evil system which has ever existed.

There has to be solidarity there. There has to be a sense that no matter how badly you hate someone, no matter how angry you are at them, no matter how poisonous you think their ideas are, you never, ever, under any circumstances, reveal their identity or personal information which could identify them.

And the other side of that is that any single person who does that has to be excommunicated from the movement, in the fullest sense.

I am not only dissociating entirely from the people directly involved with this, but from anyone who continues to associate with them. Period. If you approve of this, even tacitly, I want nothing to do with you. Because you are a danger to me and my people, the people I care about, the people who trust me.

Of course, the doxers have formulated a twisted narrative where “Ricky wasn’t really pro-white, so this is okay.” But that narrative could be constructed about literally anyone. I have had entire groups of people say that I’m not really pro-white because I’m against feminism. With any person, you can find someone you disagree with, and construct a narrative about how they are somehow exempt from this rule, and because of that, the rule has to be hard.

No doxing of anyone on the right. Not even someone in the Alt-Lite. Never, ever, ever. Ever, ever. No matter what.

If you don’t like their ideas, then attack their ideas. Call them names. Do whatever the hell you want on the internet, but do not reveal their identity.

Because this creates a chilling effect. People become scared to get involved in the movement in real life if they believe it is possible that they could be doxed. That trust is so, so sacred, it is a bond that we have to have between each other, and you have to view it as though if you are doxing one person, you are threatening to dox the entire movement.

Because when you dox one person, everyone with something to lose pauses and says “that could be me.” And that can and will cause people to withdraw.

We are a brotherhood, and even if you hate an individual in this movement and don’t view them as a brother, you are betraying all the people you do view as brothers by engaging in doxing.

Just one more time: it is not about one guy and it cannot ever be about one guy because every person on the planet you could potentially disagree with and get really mad at at some point. Doxing should be the equivalent of first degree murder in this movement. You don’t murder people over a disagreement, because if you do, you go to prison for life or get the death penalty.

In point of fact, I would have had more respect for the doxers if they had actually hunted down Ricky Vaughn and murdered him. That would have been a lot less cowardly, and it would have had less of a negative effect on the movement.

Doxing should be movement death penalty, in that you are never again allowed to have any influence, ever.

Because this has to be based on TRUST. If we are going to do anything, we have to have that TRUST.

I fully understand that many of you hate Ricky Vaughn, and at least in part I understand why, and this is certainly not about defending him as a person, which I would not do (like I say, I was upset that the guy was confusing the Alt-Right version of American Nationalism in a lot of people’s minds, and was trying to not have people think I was somehow associated with him). It is about defending the entire movement, which has to have basic standards to protect the people who risk everything to take part in this thing.

Moving Forward

This is sad for Ricky.

It is even sadder for the movement, given that it is absolutely going to cause people with something to lose who were warming up to us, and considering getting involved in real life or at least online, to reconsider and back off.

But I guess something like this had to happen, at some point.

No one is going to do it again. I hope. Because they are going to see what happens to the people who did it this time, who are going to be excised from any involvement in anything moving forward.

And of course, the upshot is that Ricky’s real life persona is exactly the type of person they do not want associated with white nationalism. So the media coverage is going to be very limited. His name was released 3 days ago, and it took the Huffington Post two days to come out with an article.

The other good thing is that he’s too smart to try to cuck out and apologize, so the movement won’t suffer that humiliation.

So of course the Jews are going to harass him for the rest of his life, but he won’t be blown-up all over the media.

So there’s that.

The dox is also a warning to the Jews (for the mentioned reasons), which is going to send them into further panic.

The ultimate lesson is that we have to honor principles, and people who will not honor those principles have no place being a part of our thing.

It’s just us against the world.

Remember that.

Hail Victory.