Ricky Gervais Points Out That the Same People Saying Speech is Violence Throw Milkshakes of Peace

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 1, 2019

British comedian Ricky Gervais is about to go full John Cleese.

On Sunday he tweeted against the “milkshakings” – and the fact that the people saying that throwing a milkshake on someone “isn’t violence” are the same people that chant that “speech is violence.”

The shills were out in force saying that speech IS violence and that milkshakes ARE NOT violence.

“Literal Nazis.”

So Andy Ngo is a “literal Nazi.”

We saw with his milkshaking in Portland on Saturday (which I assume is what triggered Gervais’ tweet) that they mainly use the milkshakes to blind you so they can punch you in the back of the head.

Further, the cops said that those milkshakes had quick-drying cement in them.

The entire meme of “milkshakes are not violence” is just to get people used to the idea of physically assaulting political dissidents or anyone else that the Jews are opposed to.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a progressive normalization of political violence. They also progressively call more and more people “literal Nazis” so that they can justify violence against more and more people.

Nigel Farage was milkshaked recently.

This was actually endorsed by the globo-homo corporation Burger King, who was using it to advertise their products as weapons.

Eventually, this is going to result in church burnings and everything else. They are already calling normie conservatives like Gavin McInnes and classical libertarians like Sargon of Akkad “neo-Nazis” in the mainstream media. So it is only a matter of time before Christians are classified as such, and you have a full-on assault on anyone who professes a faith in Christ.

Furthermore: a lot of people want to come out and say “oh well, if leftists start violence, they might not understand what they’re getting into…”

Well, actually they do understand. They understand perfectly. They understand that they are protected by the cops, while right-wingers are arrested and prosecuted for defending themselves against leftist attacks.

Even the antifa that attacked Trump’s inauguration and firebombed cars had the charges dropped.

While the Proud Boys got charged and investigated by the feds for defending themselves against a street ambush.

Anyone who can’t see where this is going is stupid or in denial.

These people are gearing up for a massive wave of violence against everyone the Jews hate, including basic, normal white people. And the feds have already set up and implemented a system where their antifa soldiers cannot be charged for any crime.

Meanwhile, “speech is violence” is the justification these terrorists use for actual violence.