Richard Spencer Waylaid by Vicious, Hate-Filled Rabid Ape!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 10, 2017

Richard Spencer was shocked when he was set up by a vicious talking ape with a British accent.

He informed the drooling simian that it was not British, but instead a gross type of jungle-dweller.

The slovenly creature is in the employ of a Jewish terrorist organization codenamed “The Guardian,” which seeks to bring down the Richard Spencer, fearing that he is building an army of Richard Spencers.

I have no knowledge of any plan to build an army of Richard Spencers, so I won’t comment on the veracity of these claims.

Could the film “Return to the Planet of the Richard Spencers” have been prophetic?

Can’t say.

Just can’t say, friend.