Richard Edmonds: Horst Mahler – A Hero for Our Times

Daily Stormer
December 17, 2015

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Richard Edmonds gives one of his best ever speeches to The London Forum as he explains the predicament of Horst Mahler.

Mahler has been imprisoned since 2009 for the crime of having a different opinion to that of the German government, specifically about the work camps that existed in National Socialist Germany.

Not content with keeping a 79-year-old man in jail for thinking differently, the authorities have also tried to deny him medical treatment.

Now that he has finally had his leg amputated and could soon be released from hospital, the ZOG of Germany have decided they will not be allowing him to return home on parole as they normally would do for any other well-behaved prisoner.

Instead, they are determined to see him locked up again where they are hoping he will then eventually die off and no longer be such an embarrassment to them.

Edmonds then goes on to list many of the political prisoners who have spent time languishing in ZOG’s dungeons, highlighting the utter hypocrisy of the Charlie Hebrew free-speech marches held across Europe earlier this year.

Lady Michelle Renouf has also been helping to organise support for Mahler and she gives details at the end of the video on how people can help him and the other prisoners of conscience across Europe, that Shamnesty International are refusing to even mention.