Richard Edmonds: 17 Million Votes for Nationalism

Daily Stormer
August 18, 2016


Richard Edmonds gives a speech to the National Front in Southampton about how we have been utterly betrayed by the political class. The future of the whole world is tied up in the White race and we are right on the brink of catastrophe. He talks about our crime-ridden cities and the immigration that has caused it, along with our attempts to put a stop to it.

The most recent vote for restoring our frontiers and stopping the invasion was a tremendous victory for the British people and the political establishment are still reeling from it. They have no idea how to deal with it, but the National Front do.

Richard talks about his recent BBC interview and his inside information on how deeply divided the political parties are. They know that they have been involved in fraud and treason and we know that we have already won the moral victory. Seventeen million voters supported our policy and we have been vindicated, we have the people behind us, not them and they know it.