Rich Gooks to Buy Their Way into Australia under Proposed Visa Plan

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
May 5, 2015

The typical rich Chinaman is a sick pervert - especially the ones who leave China.
The typical rich Chinaman is a sick pervert – especially the ones who leave China.

The pro-Zionist Australian government has the thumbs up from voters for keeping out the boat refos and securing our sea borders, but it gets two thumbs down for the horrible economy it presides over.

So in a parrot-brained bid to solve the two key issues that it needs if it wants to hold onto power, a proposal has been suggested whereby they sell visas to the richest foreigners, reports. By “rich foreigners” they mean corrupt, baby soup slurping Chinese businessmen who gamble heavily and buy every vacant lot of land available to build brothels.

This will of course mean even less housing for actual no-wukkas, fair dinkum, you-beaut genuine Aussies who’ll all be forced to live like pigeons in high rise housing blocks owned by, you guessed it, Mr Chinky Chink.

This spangling new pitch means that rather than basing an immigrant’s prospects on the skills they can bring to the country, they’ll be assessed by their shekels.

Quoting from the Australian Productivity Commission’s report that was commissioned by our fat useless half-Armenian, half-Palestinian treasurer Joe Hockey:

Social and cultural impacts (of) immigration can lead to a range of social and cultural implications for the Australian community, both positive and negative.

Ethnic and cultural diversity can lead to expanded consumer choice, implications for the ability to trade and interact with other countries, and social enrichment from living among people from other cultures.

On the other hand, there may also be risks where the immigrants fail to integrate into the host society. Potential adverse outcomes can range from simple negative attitudes to immigrants from the incumbent population and vice versa, to declining overall social cohesion and — at the extreme — an increase in antisocial behavior and crime.

So, even the government’s own investigations reveal the negatives can outweigh the benefits, and Prime Minister Tony Abbott (who is a consummate liar anyway) reckons it’s not likely to happen. He told brain-dead reporters, “The immigration policy of this government is fairly and squarely based on what is in the best interests of our country in accordance with the best values of this country”, a comment, which when scrutinized for actual meaning by experts at the Dept of Bullshit Detection found about a 1% trace of anything that could be construed as having made any sense at all.

But it’s not in the mainstream media that you’ll find actual reference to the negatives. They’re the ones busily quoting happy pants’ wearing progressives like Liberal Democratic Party senator David Leyhonhjelm, who gaily prattled, “Let’s stop choosing migrants based on all these sorts of qualitative criteria such as skills, family reunion or business-type categories and all the bureaucracy; and replace them with a  tariff.”

At least he got the bit about abolishing ‘family reunion’ as a criterion right, but otherwise he means that cough up enough beans and you too can be a dinky-di cobber and stick another shrimp on the barbie.