Revolver News is Great, But This Front Page Needs Some Serious Work

We recently reported that Fox News is going full leftist. The bastards are literally talking shit to Donald Trump on air.

As some do know and all should know, Revolver.News has been filling the hole left by the Drudge Report, which has gone full progressive-Jewish. I think it’s a fantastic site. It has a great link dump and the original analysis pieces are good enough that I read them.

The site is being promoted by Tucker Carlson, which is fantastic, and means that we’re going to be building a base of good places for people to go and get the truth as the media continues to get worse and worse.

Revolver is promoting itself as “the New Drudge,” and Tucker has said as much on air several times.

But there is a problem. When I go to Revolver.News, this is what I see when the page loads:

If I click pagedown once, I get this.

A total of four articles are visible within the first two whole pages. Three of them are Revolver exclusives, which are, as they say, “long reads.”

Now, let’s compare that to Drudge, which Revolver views as direct competition.

The first page has an entire link dump relating to the top story. Only one story has a big image and is highlighted as a “top story.” The beginning of the headline dump is visible at the bottom.

Then, by the time you reach the second page, you are into the full link dump.

It’s nothing but links, with a few images in the mix to spice things up.

A person goes to Drudge because they like the format. Probably, they like simply scanning the headlines, quickly, and many of them don’t even bother clicking the articles most of the time.

If Revolver wants to take the audience of Drudge Report, then the site needs to function more like Drudge Report.

The general aesthetics of the site are fine, in terms of the font and color scheme, and I also like the way tweets are embedded in-line. Basically, it just needs to have more links visible as soon as the page is visited.

The exclusive articles should be prominent, but it should be understood that the biggest group of people who goes to a site goes there to read headlines. That’s true of any news site. People like to see a bunch of headlines at once, and have the opportunity to click some of them if they want to know more.

Drudge occasionally puts exclusive articles on the site, usually in the middle column, so they are prominent, but also embedded in the larger scheme of daily news items.

Further, I would not totally copy Drudge, because the three column look is very dated, and it doesn’t look right on cellphones.

The fact of reality is that a lot of money has been spent A/B testing news sites, so anyone who is building a news site should go and look at the layouts of the top 20 news websites, and copy the elements that appear across all sites. The only big news site that I’m aware of which sometimes only has one main story on the opening page is the Daily Mail.

Note that this is one story, but it is still a sensory overload. And as soon as you click “pagedown,” you’re barraged with all kinds of stories.

I’m analyzing the presentation of Revolver News here because I think it is a very important news site right now, and I’m sure someone will link this analysis to them and it will hit them like, “duh.” But these principles would obviously also apply to anyone else who is currently running or thinking about running a news site.

It’s something that I do encourage. I try my best here to put out information and talking points, but I feel very strongly that there should be an entire ecosystem of right-wing sites. I don’t really feel that we here at DS have competition, given that we are guaranteed to be a fringe site due to the amount of censorship, and that we will only ever be read by an intelligentsia. The masses of people need sites like Revolver.

There is an opening for this sort of thing coming up, as Fox News is going full leftist, and Breitbart is a completely useless partisan politics site that is utterly sycophantic towards Donald Trump.

I will say that in terms of content, Revolver is currently the best regularly updated news site this side of the one you are reading now, and if you are looking for a site to send to friends that you think would be turned off by DS, I highly recommend you send them there. I don’t really know anything about the people running it, but Tucker Carlson seems to think they’re alright, and that’s good enough for me.