Revolutionaries Try to Topple Andrew Jackson, Trump Says He’s Authorized Arresting Vandals

The attacks on Columbus statues in my hometown of Columbus really crystallized a kind of aggressive, unhinged hatred for these people. It is deep in my soul now, brooding like a dread swamp.

Andrew Jackson hits almost as hard for me, given that he is a figure I’ve so deeply admired as a populist, an anti-establishment, anti-banking figure and a diehard American patriot. Aside from Thomas Jefferson, who I admire as one of the greatest American thinkers and writers, Jackson is my favorite president.

Whereas Jefferson was a thinker, Jackson was a man of action. He was a physical man. Although I identify personally more with thinking than physicality, I recognize that thought without action is useless, and that all thinking men must rely on aggressive, action-oriented men to manifest their thoughts into reality.

He would order these degenerates attacking our monuments shot in the street. He would send in the feds, and tell them to make a spectacle of it. He would use a phrase like “paint the streets with their brains.”

These fiends would all scurry like cockroaches back to their drug holes as soon as a couple of them had their brains blown out. We know that. These are not brave men, these revolutionaries, they are damaged opportunists, taking the chance given to them by the state, by the Jews, to destroy as a way of acting out against their fathers.

ABC News:

Anti-racism protesters tried to pull down a monument of Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States, in a park near the White House on Monday night before police intervened.

Scores of protesters broke through a fence surrounding the 168-year-old bronze equestrian statue at the center of Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C. They climbed atop the sculpture and tied ropes around both Jackson and his horse before attempting to pull the statue from its base, which had been spray-painted with the word “killer.”

Baton-wielding police moved in and forcibly removed protesters from the park, at times firing chemical irritants to disperse the crowds. Some people were seen being taken away in handcuffs.

This may be the first time the cops did something, instead of standing by and watching our history be destroyed.

Donald Trump, who is ostensibly the president of America, has said that he’s going to start doing something about this.

It was of course already illegal to tear down statues, because vandalism is illegal, and apparently this special law against attacking symbols of war history allows for stricter punishments of people who do it.

But he’s authorized… these existing laws being enforced? What does that mean? The laws exist and cops all over the country are refusing to enforce them. What Trump would need to do is use the feds, the Justice Department, to press some sort of federal charges against these people. No city is going to press charges.

In Columbus, as in many places, the mob is not tearing down the statues – the city is. Because this is not a street war, it is a cultural war. The mob is simply the last manifestation of something that has been going on for decades, this Jewish project of turning a significant body of Americans – particularly women and effeminate men – against America, convincing them to align with the foreigners, with the Jews.

Most of these people pulling down the statues are not black. They are primarily white women, with a few estrogen boys mixed in. They are millennials.

This is the crowd in front of the attack on Andrew Jackson – in the front row, you can see 8 white women, two fat white estro-boys and a black male.

The protests tend to be upwards of 75% white women. If it wasn’t for white women, the protests would not be happening. The men who go there, like the fatboys you can see above, go there to try to impress women. Of course, the women are just going to take turns having sex with whatever blacks show up, but the fatboys will get a pat on the head.

This is all just extreme degeneracy. It is the lowest of the low, human waste product. It should not be difficult to oppose this.

What Trump needs to do is become a leader of the culture war. Because he already has that position, whether he likes it or not. He is the great villain for the left, for the Jews, for the foreign hordes, for Greta Thunberg and her minions – for all of these people aligned against white identity and white history. But he is refusing to lead his own team.

Maybe he’s going to start leading. Maybe the failure of his Oklahoma rally was a wakeup call.

I certainly hope that is the case. I hope he is planning some kind of serious turn.

We need a hero.