Revenge of Memetic Monday!

Daily Stormer
August 19, 2019

The Daily Stormer bbs telling Anglin to bring back Memetic Monday.

As you know, we haven’t had a Memetic Monday in a while, because Joe quit because his internet was really slow because he lives in a treehouse in a field in the wilderness of Utah.

And unlike remote areas of China, remote areas of America do not have functional internet. Because our country is run by Jews who hate the internet, not gooks who love and cherish it.

For Jews, the internet is a place of hate and loathing that must be crushed.

They want to wipe the internet off the map.

For gooks, the internet is a place of love and meaning that must be cherished.

They want it to be a joyful and pleasant experience.

The absolute upside of a Chinese invasion is that the first thing they will do is lay fiber optic cables. And hopefully deport black people.

The bbs convinced Anglin to allow a crowd-sourced Memetic Monday.

This is our first shot at that, and it isn’t great.

Most of these memes are not even good at all.

But there are a few that made me chuckle.

Hopefully, you’ll appreciate this tiny bit of effort we’ve exerted to bring you this collection today.

Yes, you read that right.

Dinosaur denialism. 

This Stormer is going over the edge in its attempts to bring you thoughtful and entertaining thoughtainment.

But seriously, ask yourself: how did they fuck? 

Even fat humans have a hard time fucking.

Believe it or not, this issue has been addressed by Jewish scientists.

We report – you decide.

If you want to make next week’s edition less shitty, please contribute to the bbs threads on this issue. 

And remember kids: don’t meme while driving – unless you really know what you’re doing.