Revealing the Esoteric Nature of the White Sharia Meme

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 24, 2017

To my dismay, it has come to my attention that some people are confused by the WHITE SHARIA meme, and thus I am compelled do the unthinkable, and explain a meme.

The meme is overwhelmingly popular, and that is directly correlated to the fact that so many people are butthurt by it. Things that evoke strong emotion one way are also going to evoke strong emotion the other way.

Firstly, let me state that there are three groups of people who appear to be taking issue.

  • Women and male feminists
  • Autistic people
  • People who just don’t think the meme is funny

I will address each of these groups individually.


The first group can simply be dismissed off-handedly.

I do not give a shit what women or male feminists think, and I’m not going to start giving any shits any time soon.

Some of these people will claim that they aren’t feminists, because they believe in motherhood or… whatever. However, they just don’t know what feminism is. Feminism is anything that deviates from the cultural norms relating to gender roles before the mid 19th century.

And yes, that included physical discipline of women. “Wife beating” and “domestic violence” are Jewish terms. Calling physical discipline of ones wife or daughter “domestic violence” is akin to calling a man sticking his penis into another man’s anus “love.” No one anywhere supports “beating” women in the sense of beating them bloody with broken bones, but sometimes they do need smacked around – that is a fact of life, which was accepted and normal up through the 1960s.

Watch any black and white movie, and you’re going to see some woman getting slapped around.

James Bond did it constantly, because even as alpha as he was, bitches still wouldn’t listen.

And Sean Connery himself, when asked, said that there are times when a woman does need slapped.

If this offends you, understand that you have been socialized by Jews to be offended by this. Put the emotion aside for a second (if you have normal testosterone levels, you should be able to do that), and realize the emotion was programmed into you.

Saying “we’re not like those savage Moslems, we don’t slap our womenfolk” is no different than saying:

  • We’re not like those savage Moslems, we don’t ban homosexuality.
  • We’re not like those savage Moslems, we don’t ban usury.
  • We’re not like those savage Moslems, we don’t ban addictive drugs.
  • We’re not like those savage Moslems, we don’t wear beards.
  • We’re not like those savage Moslems, we don’t eat lamb.

And so on.

“Moslems do something so that means we should do the opposite of that thing” is not an argument, nor does it even pretend to be.

When you say that physical discipline of women is “barbaric sandnigger shit,” you are calling all of your ancestors, up until a very short time ago (most likely your grandpa slapped your grandma once or twice or several times more than that) “barbaric sandniggers.”

So don’t give me this “true honorable white man” horseshit. It’s cowardly nonsense, coming from men who are afraid of taking on actual masculine responsibilities, one of the most important of which is taking care of your wife, which does, inevitably, involve physical discipline.

NOTE: This is one duty you are legally blocked from carrying out at this despicable point in history, so I don’t recommend actually doing it, unless you live in Eastern Europe or somewhere else it is still legal.


The second group – autists – are a more complicated group.

Firstly, though the AQ needs much elaboration on, as they have become such a big part of the internet WN movement (or rather, such an influential part, due to their extreme rate of posting – the average autist makes between 20 and 40 times more posts than the average non-autist, by my estimate, and that is not an exaggeration), I want to state clearly that I am not “against” autists. But that said, many of them do create problems, and do tend to organize in groups with one another and form e-mobs based on things that non-autistic people don’t and can’t understand.

The autism issue is not helped by the fact that people have made it into a meme, and used the term to refer to people who are not autistic. Richard Spencer just did this by referring to that woman who waylaid him at the gym as “autistic.” She is not autistic, she is just an unhinged woman (who I believe is Jewish, though she is now claiming she is not). Women very rarely have autism. This use of “autism” wrongly happens a lot, and it should be stopped. Calling out actual autism as autism is fine, but people need to understand what autism is, what behaviors are associated with it, and realize that we need strategies to address it.

Our enemies certainly understand this issue, and are using it against us.

Many of the people who claim to be so hardcore you can’t even believe it, just how ideologically pure they are – they don’t have time for jokes, don’t have time for anything that isn’t 100% pure according to standards they’ve invented – are actually autists playing a type of game on the computer. They are not real activists. They just have found a way to role-play a character online, an action they find empowering. So they will attack effective activists, as they feel this is a threat to the little game they’re playing.

Autism is marked by – among other things – an inability to understand certain forms of humor, including satire and sarcasm. They also cannot understand metaphors. Autists have a situation where they take things absolutely literally, and even when it is explained to them that something is not to be taken literally, they can revert to taking it literally if baited into doing so.

This is being exploited by (((posters))) on the internet in the WN community, and used to divide the community.

So, in this situation, an autist may interpret the White Sharia meme as “ANGLIN WANTS US TO BE LIKE THE SHITSKINS!!!!!” In a more extreme version, an autist, or (((someone))) purposefully trying to agitate autists, can say “ANGLIN IS TRYING TO FORCE PEOPLE TO CONVERT TO ISLAM!!!!”

These people then run with it, having fixated on it. That is another trait of autistic people: they fixate on things.

I have said, repeatedly, “no, this has nothing to do with Islam, it’s just a fun meme that helps people to think in a certain way.” But still, the autists rage.

I am in fact the publisher of the only major site that calls for bio-engineered viruses to exterminate Moslems. But with autists, there is a tendency that everything has to fit into a place. When you combine that with the inability to process humor, and their tendency to form mobs with other autists, you have a serious disruption.

But here’s the thing though: I’m not going to cater this site to people with autism, nor am I going to be bullied by a mob of autists.

Though as I’ve said, I have no specific problem with people with autism, I also must say that I do not think they are very good material for a real life movement, for the most part. Also, though they are absolutely the loudest minority (autists feel extremely comfortable being loud on the internet, especially when they form groups together), they are an extreme minority. This site is meant to cast a wide net and appeal to as many people as possible, with a mind toward getting people eventually involved in more real life activism.

As such, autists are not a disregarded audience, but neither are they the target audience.

People Who Just Don’t Think the Meme is Funny

It is fair enough if you just don’t think the meme is funny. There’s nothing really I can say about that. Different people have different senses of humor.

If you don’t like the reference to Islam, I can also understand that. But, as Islam is now a part of popular culture, it is a valid word to use in a meme.

It is no different than ironically appropriating niggerspeak (thot, u mad tho, fam, af, dat boi, dat ass, salty, etc.) It’s just fun. Note that autists will also attack people for ironically using niggerspeak, incapable of grasping the irony, therefore asserting “the Alt-Right is turning into a bunch of niggers.”

The purpose of memes, after all, is to communicate larger ideas in simplified bytes, often through reference to popular culture.

Why I Believe This is a Powerful Meme

What the meme represents – the symbol behind it – is simply restoring the patriarchal system that all European societies had up until the middle of the 19th century. Our friend weev recently outlined this in an essay which is sure to go down in history as one of the most important ever written in the White Nationalist community.

The nature of a meme is that it has to evoke powerful imagery.

And while Greece, Rome, Medieval Europe, the Third Reich or early America had gender roles the same as those we are trying to bring about, none of these things are as immediate in their imagery as ISIS.

My original thought for the meme was White ISIS (WISIS), but passed on that, and settled on White Sharia (note that this had already been used by the War Room, though I was not consciously aware of it at the time – probably I subconsciously was aware of having heard it somewhere before).

What this meme does is instantly allow men to picture what it would be like if White men were allowed to have their own thing, like the Moslems are presently allowed to have. It gets the wheels in their heads turning, immediately.

If we were let loose, in the way the Moslems have been let loose, what would we create?

The War Room has linked the White Sharia meme to the Space Marines meme, and I personally think this is perfect. Because if we were let loose, and allowed to organize our own thing, to subdue our women and then proceed to destroy our enemies, within a generation we would be building space ships and traveling to other solar systems looking for aliens to conquer.

So, to reiterate: the first strength of the meme is that it allows White men to imagine what it would be like if we had our own version of what the Moslems have.

This has nothing to do with becoming Moslems or stealing Moslem ideas, it is simply a thought experiment: what would happen if we were unleashed?

Along with the fact that everyone hearing the term “White Sharia” immediately gets this imagery (excluding the mentioned autists – the feminists actually do get it and just hate it because they are feminists), one of the reasons that this is important is that it is the only option I can think of for extreme language. And our language must be extreme, because right now, language is our only weapon.

If we simply say “bring back the patriarchy” there is no imagery that is meaningful. People picture the 1950s. There is also the fact that according to the mainstream, “White Patriarchy” is what we have right now, which makes it a less than moving term.

Moreover, there is the problem that the 1950s were simply two steps less degenerate than what we have right now. Please watch this video of Elvis performing and shaking his hips in 1956, and the thousands of teenage girls screaming for his dick. Sure, it is quaint and nostalgic to imagine going back to the 1950s, but that was always going to lead to Katy Perry making sexual cannibalism videos with Negroes. When you accept the commercialization of sex, you have just boarded the slippery slope.

“Medievalism” makes more sense, as that is what we are literally trying to reestablish in terms of social norms, but most people have zero conception of what the Medieval period was like, and so as a meme, it is worthless.

As a thought experiment, create a mental picture of ISIS, then create a mental picture of Medieval Europe. One of them is going to be a lot clearer than the other.

And no, that doesn’t mean “we should act like sandniggers.” It means that mentally picturing what it would be like if we were running around with rocket launchers in the back of humvees taking over towns and cities and forcing our will on the inhabitants. Rounding up all the homos and throwing them off roofs. Forcing women to dress modestly, stoning them for unfaithfulness to their husbands, building a united front of white rebellion across the plant.

This meme provokes a mental exercise.

Masterful Culture Jamming

The second point, which is almost as good as the first, is that this is now getting huge, and the media is going to be forced to respond to it. And they have no response.

By even mentioning it, they admit a racial double standard.

They support sharia for brown people. But if we demand the exact same thing – and even use the exact same word – we are evil. This is going to be a huge wakeup call for a lot of people.

So, the culture jamming element of this is brilliant. I don’t even think any of the detractors can argue that point.

Final Notes

Whether you like the meme or not, it is serving its purpose, and the rage surrounding it only proves how good it is.

A lot more people support it than don’t.

It’s a meme and it won’t last forever. It’s not a political policy.

This is a meme website.

We use memes to change the way people think, as part of a strategy of social revolution.

That’s just what it is.