Revealed: Hollywood Still Producing Films

I knew that Hollywood was still making MCU movies. But I guess I didn’t realize they were still making old fashioned inspirational films.

Therefore, I was shocked to run across the trailer for “12 Mighty Orphans,” which features Luke Wilson playing the man who discovered quarterbacks for football while teaching orphans about what it means to have a fighting spirit.

I can’t think of anything that would be different about it if it was a parody trailer mocking 1990s and 2000s inspirational sports films.

We might need to go back and examine this persistent issue of everything in the current year appearing to be some kind of parody. Even “cool” stuff like the MCU seems to be a parody of MCU movies from 15 years ago.

In any situation where people lack originality, you end up in some kind of spiral where everything loops back on itself, and the self-references become corny.

Clearly, there was a problem from the start with cultural memes about “believe in yourself” and “the true power of teamwork,” which were necessarily decadent, trite and hollow. Maybe baby boomers found that sort of stuff meaningful because they didn’t have anything else going on.

In terms of inspirational sports films, I don’t really think we can beat 1994’s Rudy, wherein the trailer says “sometimes a winner is a dreamer who just won’t quit.”

I do not think that inspirational sports films are Lindy, actually.

However, Hollywood is mostly moving into this model of subscription services, which means that there isn’t really any possibility of having themes at all. All of these serialized shows are just soap operas. The MCU films also have no meaning – definitely nothing so grand as “believe in yourself and have a fighting spirit.”

The upside is that I can only picture teenagers seeing something like the “12 Mighty Orphans” trailer and saying “lol wtf this shit is ghey.”