REVEALED: Deaths Among Vaccinated Caused by Preexisting Conditions, Unvaccinated Deaths by Covid

Just in: new science facts.

Vaccinated people who die WITH coronavirus are not killed by coronavirus, but by their preexisting conditions. That is the exact opposite of what they say about unvaccinated people. We’ve been saying for years that they hoax the coronavirus death toll by counting everyone who dies WITH the virus as having been killed BY the virus.

Also, from now on, most of the people dying after having tested positive for the virus will be the vaccinated.

The Guardian:

On Tuesday, there were 356 Covid-19 patients being treated in intensive care wards throughout Australia. Of those, 25 were fully vaccinated.

While the data points to the extraordinary efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines in preventing people from becoming severely unwell, being hospitalised and dying, it does raise the question: why do a small number of people become seriously ill and, in rare cases, die, despite being fully vaccinated?

An intensive care unit staff specialist at Nepean hospital in Sydney, Dr Nhi Nguyen, said those who are fully vaccinated and die tend to have significant underlying health conditions. Being treated in intensive care, where people may be on a ventilator and unable to move, added to any existing frailty, especially in elderly people, she said.

“If we think about intensive care patients in general, whether they are there due to Covid-19, pneumonia or any other infection, we know that those who have underlying disorders, those who are frail, and those with co-morbidities will have a higher risk of dying from whatever the cause of being in intensive care is,” she said.

“Being fully vaccinated against Covid protects you from getting severe disease, yes, but it doesn’t completely protect you from getting Covid. So if you are someone with chronic health conditions, what might be a mild disease or mild infection in a young person or a person who is in good health, will have a greater impact on you.”

She said this was why the Australian Technical Advisory Group for Immunisation (Atagi) had recommended boosters for those people who are severely immunocompromised. On Wednesday the government said it intended booster shots to be rolled out to the aged care sector within weeks, and to be available to the whole population by the end of the year.

“We don’t have the final data on this yet available, but there will also be a proportion of patients who have Covid, but they are already dying for another reason,” Nguyen said. “They may be fully vaccinated, they have a mild form of Covid, but maybe it’s brought out more severe heart failure, which they had previously.”

That really exposes the bold, lunatic nature of this whole thing. They are mocking everyone.

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This is what we knew since March 2020:

Now they’re setting up the stage to present preexisting conditions as the reason vaccinated people die.

But the whole death toll used the opposite criteria!

August 2021:

June 2020:

They’re out there in the open explaining how all of this is a hoax, while also saying that it is real. That confuses people, and most folks, when confused, default to trusting authorities.

Prof Allen Cheng, the director of the infection prevention and healthcare epidemiology unit at Alfred Health, said only a small number of deaths had occurred in fully vaccinated people.

“I understand they have been mostly in older people over 70 years of age, with some in aged care facilities,” he said.

The impact of the vaccine in reducing deaths among elderly people had been significant, Cheng said. Last year, before a vaccine was available, the mortality of people in their 80s with Covid was about 30%, he said.

Cheng said it was likely that given Australia’s extraordinary vaccination coverage the bulk of people who became severely unwell or died with Covid-19 from now were fully vaccinated.

At some point, there will be more people with infections that are vaccinated than those that are not vaccinated,” he said. “As a simple thought experiment – if everyone is vaccinated, then the only cases we would have would be in vaccinated people.”

Not if the vaccine worked.

Or perhaps it really is working?