Revealed: Charlie Kirk was Responsible for Sinking Bernie Sanders

Afton McKell
Daily Stormer
March 4, 2020

An exclusive investigation by The Daily Stormer has revealed that Charlie Kirk, a political activist who believes in being against big government, was the main force behind the collapse of the Bernie Sanders campaign on Ruby Tuesday.

Kirk, who is known to be a highly savvy political operator, used a controlled messaging campaign on his Twitter to spread negative information about Sanders, who he claims has bad policies.

Over 40,000 people “liked” a tweet posted by Kirk that said that people don’t like living in Cuba, so they take boats to America.

Bernie Sanders repeatedly said during his campaign that he wants America to become like Cuba, to which Kirk asked “why is it that boats of Cuban refugees always point from Havana to Miami and not the other way around?”

Sanders did not respond to this tweet by Kirk.

In another tweet targeted at Sanders, which was “liked” by over 16,000 people, Kirk pointed out that Bernie Sanders was supported by a Nicaraguan, an anti-Semite and a domestic abuser. He also identified the fact that Cardi B supports Sanders. B is known to have made millions of dollars by copying the image of Nikki Minaj, which is believed to have been unethical by many voters.

Sanders did not respond to this tweet either.

On Ruby Tuesday, Sanders lost virtually every state to Joe Biden, despite having previously been the frontrunner. Sanders’ collapse directly follows these tweets by Kirk.

Kirk is now emerging as a kingmaker, due to his ability to strike so deeply with his well-thought-out commentary on political issues. President Donald Trump has pulled Kirk deep into his inner circle as he works to stop America from becoming a socialist country.

So far, Kirk is the only person to take a stand against big government, but his message resonates with many Americans who are against socialism.