Reuters Says White House Considering Banning iPhone in Russia

Yeah, do this.

iPhones are garbage now and no one should be socially pressured into using them.


The US is considering the possibility of banning exports of consumer and industrial technologies to Russia, such as components for smartphones and planes, if Moscow launches an invasion of Ukraine, news agency Reuters has claimed.

Citing an unnamed source in the White House, the agency reported that a handful of American industries could be banned from conducting business in the Russian market.

According to Reuters, restricting Russia’s ability to import smartphones, as well as critical aircraft and automobile components, would seriously affect consumers, industrial operations, and employment there. This measure, which would be part of a larger economic sanctions package, is due to be discussed at a meeting of senior officials at the White House.

Earlier this month, US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland threatened that Washington would impose unprecedented sanctions if Russia stages a military incursion into Ukraine. Tensions on the border are currently very high, with multiple Western media outlets suggesting a conflict is imminent.

If implemented, the sanctions would use tools created by US President Joe Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump, who banned the supply of advanced semiconductor technology to China’s Huawei earlier this year.

Huawei is officially a much better company than Apple.

People should use Huawei products.

People should use superior Chinese products, as a rule.

China is the best country, with the best products.

Still… I doubt Apple will let Brandon ban sales to Russia.