Reuters Poll Puts Trump Above Clinton

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 3, 2016

Remember a few days ago when they were announcing that the election was basically already over, and Clinton had stopped campaigning and was now just planning what she was going to do when she became President?

That was funny.


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has pulled into an effective tie with Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, erasing a substantial deficit as he consolidated support among his party’s likely voters in recent weeks, according to the latest Reuters/Ipsos national tracking poll released Friday.

The poll showed 40 percent of likely voters supporting Trump and 39 percent backing Clinton for the week of Aug. 26 to Sept. 1. Clinton’s support has dropped steadily in the weekly tracking poll since Aug. 25, eliminating what had been a eight-point lead for her.

Trump’s gains came as Republican support for their party’s candidate jumped by six percentage points over the past two weeks, to about 78 percent. That is still below the 85 percent support Republican nominee Mitt Romney enjoyed in the summer of 2012, but the improvement helps explain Trump’s rise in the poll.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll is conducted online in English in all 50 states. The latest poll surveyed 1,804 likely voters over the course of the week; it had a credibility interval, a measure of accuracy, of three percent.

Reuters is one of the super-rigged polls.

Something they basically admit in this article.

Different polls have produced widely different results over the course of the campaign. In part that’s because some, like Reuters/Ipsos, have attempted to measure the preferences of who’s likely to vote, while others have surveyed the larger pool of all registered voters. And even those that survey likely voters have different ways of estimating who is likely to cast a ballot.

They just make all these arbitrary decisions to skew the data in favor of Clinton as much as possible.

But even with this rigging, they can’t make it look like she is winning now.

In real life, Trump could be leading by 5-10 points. No one really knows, because of this lying Jew media.

The LA Times poll has been consistently more honest. That has always shown a close race, and has Trump up three points today.


And this is before the debates, before the next Assange drop, before Trump confronts Clinton on her aggressive push for World War 3 with Russia.

I think we’re going to win.

Like, right now, with all factors considered, I’d say we have an 80% chance.

But remember – even if we lose, the Alt-Right still wins, because we’re going to be able to openly accuse Jews of being responsible for Trump’s loss. The people are going to be so angry, they will be ready to listen, and we will have millions of anti-Semitic revolutionaries on our hands in a matter of weeks.


We won as soon as we started, fam.