Reuters Jews Post Unhinged 4,000-Word Screed Demanding Further Censorship of The Gateway Pundit

When I saw this 4,000-word hate screed against pro-Trump and anti-hoax site The Gateway Pundit on the front of Reuters, it brought back memories of when I was constantly in the media, with every single Jew calling for my silencing.

I was of course banned from everything. All the way. I’ve managed to maintain an astonishingly large readership despite this, but they’ve stopped talking about me because there really isn’t any other way to censor me and anything they write about me is likely to be part of a psychological operation I’ve done against them.

But TGP is still sort of not totally banned. I’m not sure about the extent of the censorship against them, but you’re definitely still allowed to share links on Facebook (you can’t even share my links in private messages on Facebook, lol).

But they probably want to shut down TGP completely – just take it offline. They couldn’t do this to me, because my sysop has a Q level clearance. But as we saw with Parler, a major site with millions of dollars from the Mercers wasn’t capable of dealing with an AWS ban.

The Reuters piece is written by Peter Eisler and Jason Szep, both of whom I would assume are Jewish. But TGP won’t say “these Jews are coming for us,” which puts them in a much weaker position. If you start just talking nonstop about Jews, they will sort of back off of you in public, because they really don’t like writing “the site claims that a Jewish conspiracy for which no evidence exists is trying to silence them…” when anyone can look at the byline and see obviously Jewish names.

Then they might accidentally run across an infographic like this:

Basically, the whole censorship media beat has been replaced with non-Jews because so many people were saying “these people are all Jewish.”

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Again, the article is 4,000 words long.

But this is the abstract:

The Gateway Pundit, which started as a tiny opinion blog, saw readership surge to nearly 50 million views a month as it amplified Donald Trump’s false stolen-election claims. Reuters documented the impact: 25 election workers targeted by more than 100 violent threats or hostile messages citing the Pundit.

So the basic claim is that people read the site and get angry and therefore speech that makes people angry shouldn’t be allowed.

That’s the whole story. They just go through and say that people read stories on TGP about politicians and then sent them mean emails.

They actually include emails:

They admit that no one is being charged for these allegedly “threatening” emails.

Most of the people sending them are not even identified, meaning that there is no evidence that these politicians are not sending these emails to themselves, or the journalists are not sending them to themselves.

I can tell you as a matter of fact I never sent this email to Jew journalist Yulia Ioffe.

So, she sent it to herself – or someone else did?

I said I never sent that and asked for the metadata of the email and got no response. Yet the tweet is still up, five years later.

In 2019, a disgraced, obese, and now fired Huffington Post blogger, and then the Jewish Daily Forward, both published extensive lists of fake quotes from me, offering no evidence of the quotes. When I complained, they said they “stand by their reporting.” I had never heard of anything like this happening. They were quoting me as if I had spoken to them, and I had not spoken to them, and when I asked them to publish the communications they said no.

So, I mean – they do this. You all know I don’t lie. Those are the two times I can think of right now, but there are probably other examples.

This means that emails or quotes printed by the media mean less than nothing.

But you don’t even have to go to that level. No publication is responsible if people read their material and then do illegal things, unless that publication is explicitly telling people to do illegal things. If this was the case, then the NYT and CNN would be responsible for all of the leftist violence. They’d definitely be responsible for that sentient car that ran over that Christmas parade for example.

If people are committing crimes – and an actual threat to murder someone is a crime – they should be arrested. It has nothing to do with what they read. Human beings are autonomous and make their own decisions.

Ah, but that is the new doctrine of Our Values: humans are not actually autonomous, and their decisions are made for them by the information they consume. At the same time, somehow, universal suffrage democracy is the most important thing on earth.

Of course, if both of those things are true, then by calling for censorship of everyone who disagrees with them, the media is demanding complete control over the behavior of the population, and therefore the ability to decide every election (along with literally all other human behavior).

I’m so tired of trying to go through this bullshit logically.

It is all 100% based on emotional manipulation through really stupid lies. Facts do not have anything to do with anything, at all.

And that is one thing they are right about: the facts do not sway enough people to make any significant difference in the direction of society. Which is why I am against universal suffrage democracy.

They are going to censor TGP. They are going to censor everything. At least, they are going to censor everything that reaches an audience that can be swayed. At this point, I don’t totally worry about further censorship here, because for one thing, it would be really hard to censor us any further, and for another thing, no one who reads this website is going to change their mind about the system if the website goes down.

But hey – save the Tor address and learn how to access it.

You can use Brave Browser or Tor Browser.

That site will always be there.