Muhsogynist Chomsky
The Right Stuff
May 10, 2016


Now that the writing is on the wall, in the coming months and years we’re going to see a lot of backpedaling from prominent members of the Left, especially those of a particular ethnicity we all know and love so well. They’ll claim they just didn’t know White men weren’t all evil Nazis birthed from the festering wombs of European witches eager to raise their children as hateful bigots. They’ll claim they really believed Trump was the next coming of Hitler. They’ll say political correctness was necessary because they just couldn’t stand the thought of anyone having their feelings hurt since it hurt them so much to hear about it. In short, they’re going to do everything they can to convince you that they’re anything but what they are: zealots of the religion of Marx.

Don’t let them.


Remember the name of every person who has written an article on Salon, Vox, or Huffington Post promoting pedophilia. Remember who was in charge at CNN when they edited the George Zimmerman tape. Remember who covered up all the inconsistencies in the phony stories of rape on campus and racism in the police force. Remember who mocked us for going to NPI conventions as “White men complaining about how oppressed they are”.

When we said there were too many Muslims coming into Europe and that it would create the exact conditions of crime and economic drain that it has created, remember who called us Islamophobes. Remember that when we pointed out the demographic state of the world, in which Whites are a distinct minority, and argued that this meant we should have countries of our own in order to survive as a subset of the human race, we were called supremacists. Remember that whenever and wherever we talk about our culture and heritage, who it is that tells us we don’t have any worth talking about.

Remember who celebrated churches being torn down or altered in order to cater to the feelings of the Muslim “refugees” we were gracious and foolish enough to take in. Remember who wanted to blame Paris and Brussels on Trump’s rhetoric and “the rise of right-wing extremism.” Remember, indeed, who gleefully pointed to the rare case of a White terrorist attack as proof that White men were the most dangerous people in the country, and remember the distortions and lies they used to make that case.


Remember every single time you’ve read or heard someone arguing that we’re the scourge of the Earth because of our success, and remember what it is they want to replace the systems we’ve built with. Remember all the times you were having an argument where the absolute arrogance, smugness, and self-righteousness of your opponent made you want to grab them by the lapels, get in their face, and tell them to get down off their high horse just long enough to actually listen to what you have to say. Remember all the times you self-censored about something completely obvious because you didn’t want to be called a racist, sexist, or homophobe.

Keeping those memories at the forefront of your mind, turn off your empathy when the retribution comes. These are not people like you who just went down the wrong path; they are soldiers and generals–in their own mewling, pathetic way–fighting ceaselessly to destroy you and everything you care about. They know exactly what they’re doing. We’ve won a battle with Trump, and I firmly believe we’re going to win the general election, but we’re far from winning the war. Too many people on the other side are too invested in their ideology to just give up when they have no chance of winning, as we saw with Kasich and Cruz.


But remember most of all that the problem isn’t the minorities, the foreigners, or even the Jews. The problem is the traitors among our own people who for the sake of social approval have turned a blind eye to the real-world effects of their destructive policies. If we’re going to survive as a people, the traitors have to be purged without mercy. Anyone who holds leftist beliefs needs to have the same fear of expressing them as we’ve held for so long. Using the word “homophobe” should be as dangerous to them as saying “different races have different average IQs” has been to us.

Only we can’t stop there, because we know from our own experience that eventually, if fear isn’t backed up by sufficient real-world force, it turns into retributive rage. Our day of reckoning is coming, and we need to prepare for it by being as physically fit, well-trained, and unified as possible. We need to gather physical assets and financial wealth, and recycle them amongst ourselves just like the Jews do. And we need to stay vigilant against the inevitable Leftist attempts to sabotage our rebuilding efforts.

Allow enough of the Left to survive intact as a movement and we’ll be right back where we are now in 50 years. Destroy the Left completely and we can have our countries back again. It’s that simple. Are you ready?