Retard Hong Kong Antifa Calls for Mulan Boycott Because Alabaster Actress Supports Law and Order

Antifa homosexuals claim this is the face of pure unadulterated evil. Does this make sense to you?

The left does boycotts reflexively, to the point where they don’t even really think about them.

They always look for any way to punish anyone who dares to step out of line with the global consensus.

Japan Times:

Activists are calling for a boycott of Disney’s live-action “Mulan” remake, citing a social media post from the lead actress in support of Hong Kong police.

Pro-Democracy activists from Hong Kong to Thailand highlighted a 2019 social media post by Liu Yifei, who stars as the title character, that voiced support for the police. They’re urging people to avoid the film, which launched on the Disney+ streaming platform on Friday.

“Because Disney kowtows to Beijing, and because Liu Yifei openly and proudly endorses police brutality in Hong Kong, I urge everyone who believes in human rights to #BoycottMulan,” Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong tweeted on Friday.

Spokespersons for Disney didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

Liu reportedly shared a social media post in August 2019 amid widespread protests in the former British territory, with the caption, “I support the Hong Kong police. You can all attack me now. What a shame for Hong Kong.

Now, let me just go ahead and tell you why this is retarded: Mulan is streaming on Disney+. That means that there are no ticket sales. Disney+ doesn’t release their viewership numbers, so there is no way to know if the boycott is working.

Of course, it is playing in theaters in China, because China didn’t do this lunatic lockdown, because the Chinese government isn’t determined to destroy its own economy on purpose. But I don’t think the call to boycott is intended for a Chinese or even an Asian audience.

Disney has probably already resolved not to work with this woman anymore, and it’s unlikely she will ever get work in Hollywood again, having dared to speak out against the globalist agenda. I doubt she really understood the implications, or understood how committed the Jewish elite that run American media are to upsetting the order of China.

She is also a cute girl – an alabaster skinned princess, if you will – and attacking cute girls is never really a very good strategy.

The boycotters look like what they are: bitter, angry homosexuals and ugly women, attacking this poor girl, who everyone knows destroyed her career by innocently defending law and order.

The State Department needs better advisors for this stuff. Again, I am reminded of how much money I would be making if I’d set up a consulting firm in Washington instead of becoming a globally villainized and hated witness of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. But every time I’m reminded of the money and status I sacrificed, I’m reminded of the importance of my work.

The whole China issue is one place where I’m basically a lone voice. No one else is saying what I am saying, which is this:

  • China is a nationalist country, which is why globalist Jews are funding Antifa to riot over there
  • When China is demonized in the Western media, the goal is to initiate conflict so that China can be destroyed and the Western Jewish system can dominate the entire earth
  • What China does in China doesn’t affect anyone but the Chinese, it is none of our business, defending Chinese freedom rights is idiotic (especially when we have so many fewer freedoms than the Chinese do)
  • No one who is making any of these judgements about China understands anything about Chinese society (why should they? who cares? why do these boomers care?)
  • Paul Joseph Watson and Joey Gibson were probably paid by the US State Department to go incite Antifa violence in Hong Kong
  • People look stupid supporting Antifa in Hong Kong while opposing it in the West (law and order should be considered a universal good, and violent extremists attacking police to try to create homosexual utopias should be considered universally negative)
  • We should deal with countries based on what is best for the American people, rather than weird ideas about some kind of fundamental duty to assure the “human rights” of everyone on earth (a fundamentally globalist idea)
  • The only real issue regarding China that affects the American people is the issue of trade, which is what Donald Trump talked about and was elected to fix
  • Allowing these “human rights” weirdos and Antifa supporters to derail Trump’s attempts to negotiate trade with China was idiotic – the idea that homosexuals in Hong Kong having a riot to burn everything is more important to the American people than a good trade deal makes zero sense
  • We shouldn’t have a World War with China

I’ve gotten pushback for taking a hard line against this color revolution against the Chinese, even among my own readers. Apparently, people were really emotionally swayed by Paul Joseph Watson’s saccharine calls for “freedom” for these violent homosexuals. I engaged with a few of these people, and they would claim that they support the Hong Kong Antifa because they hate Chinese people. I would say: “well, if you hate Chinese people, why do you care so much if Chinese homosexuals have a revolution?” They would then call me a shill and say I must be paid by the Chinese.

Hong Kong Antifa leader Joshua Wong is a ratlike homosexual nerd. Pitting him against a pretty girl is a really dumb PR move. Everyone sort of understands the underlying tension between homosexuals and women, and the whole thing ends up looking like personal bitterness.

Whatever. It doesn’t matter. People can believe whatever sort of Jew drivel they want to believe. I will continue to tell the truth in all things. But I will say again: it is very unlikely that when the Jews attempt to get you all emotional about something, they’re actually trying to help you. We have a pretty clear record showing that this is not the case.

Throwing a fit over this children’s movie is a waste of exiled Hong Kong Antifa’s social capital. Liu said, “you can hit me now [because I support law and order],” and they responded by hitting her.

No one who has any idea what is going on in Hong Kong thinks she was supporting “police brutality.” The trending phrase “you can hit me” was a response to the fact that Hong Kong Antifa were attacking people on the street for being nationalistic. Just standard Antifa behavior we are all familiar with – they were punching anyone who disagreed with them, and calling them the Chinese equivalent of Nazis for supporting their country.

At one point, they burned an old man alive for expressing nationalist sentiment.

In Asia, everyone understands the context of this – Liu was denouncing the Antifa behavior of literally attacking random people on the street.

So, framing it as “support for police brutality” is intended to appeal to retard boomers, probably in America, who support the Hong Kong Antifa because they hate Chinese people or whatever. I guess.

But again, even if you don’t know the context, they look like morons for calling for a boycott of a movie on a streaming service.