Retard Gorilla Beats the Hell Out of 61-Year-Old White Store Clerk

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
July 15, 2018

How can anybody watch that video and not think that some giant retard gorilla is beating the crap out of some person?

That looks like what is happening.


61-year-old Michael Parker, the victim, has worked at the same store for almost 30 years. He said he considers it his second home. “The customers are my family,” said Parker. “They support me and I support them.”

Parker said the day of the attack started out like any other, which is why he never saw it coming. “I opened the door [of the register] to get change and he started reaching for the money and grabbing money out of the register,” said Parker.

But Parker wasn’t going to let him get away that easy, “I reached across the counter and grabbed a hold of his shirt and tried to pull him over the counter,” said Parker. “That didn’t work because he’s bigger than me.”

In security camera footage you can clearly see the suspect has a weight and height advantage against 61-year-old Parker, but it didn’t stop the suspect from punching Parker in the head 6 times.

Parker said the punches broke a bone on his head near his eye. He was taken to the Mission Hospital to get treated for his injuries.