Retard Boat: American Dumbasses on Corona-Cruise Beg Trump to Free Them from Their Floating Grave

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 8, 2020

As far as any of us are aware, the Coronavirus cannot infect white people.

But neither the media nor the government will tell us whether or not anyone other than Asians has contracted the virus. All indications are to the contrary.

I’m sure these whites trapped on the Corona Cruise would like to know that information. But they apparently don’t get to know that, because if it was announced that Coronavirus only infects Asians, that would lead people to believe that there are differences between races, which is something that only bucktoothed inbred trailer parkers believe.

Fox News:

Passengers Milena Basso and her husband Gaetano Cerullo are calling for help from President Trump after being trapped on a Diamond Princess cruise ship off the coast of Japan with at least 61 positive cases of coronavirus.

The newlyweds — on their honeymoon — are two of more than 2,000 passengers who have been held on the ship since Tuesday.

Wow, a honeymoon on a cruise.

That is really trashy and basically these people deserve this.

Appearing on “America’s Newsroom” with host Ed Henry, the couple said that while their physical health is “pretty good,” mentally they are “not so great.”

Additionally, the pair told Henry they were disheartened to learn that updates were coming faster from their parents and news outlets than from those on the ship itself.

“So, basically, I know what’s going on before they even tell us from our parents at home…and, they update us but it’s always been very lagged,” said Cerullo.

“It’s been vague up until maybe today — not, like, thorough as it should be. So, we were a little concerned about that,” Basso interjected.

The two reported they were already experiencing trouble getting food and water on the ship, which Basso guestimated produces around 22,000 meals per day and has five dining halls.


It’s just obscene.

They have to stop building these boats.

There just is no excuse.

I don’t know how many people have been on a cruise, but you can eat a lot of food pretty fast. Once the quarantine happened, what we could eat basically went downhill,” said Cerullo.

“The first day when we asked for two bottles of water it took four hours and the next day we got two cups,” he added.

The infections on the Diamond Princess reportedly originated from one passenger who got on the ship in Yokohama on Jan. 20 and disembarked in Hong Kong on Jan. 25, according to the cruise line statement. Princess Cruises said he didn’t visit the ship’s medical center to report any symptoms or illness.

Officials began screening guests on Monday with what the couple said was an ear thermometer without a disposable tip.

The Diamond Princess ship is part of the Princess Cruises line, which is owned by British-American Carnival Corporation.

“Diamond Princess” sure is an appropriate name.

It would also work as the nickname of a woman with six kids by five different men.

Don’t ever go on a cruise ship, guys. If you’re poor and you want to have a vacation, figure something else out. There are lots of creative options, including backpacking and staying in hostels. You can also drive to nearby State or National Parks and get a cabin or camp. There is dignity in that.

There is no dignity in a cruise ship.

And with the way things are going, there are likely to be more and more of these plagues in the future, and you might well end up getting what you deserve.