Resisting the Blending of Humanity

Paul Bingham
Alternative Right
June 8, 2014

Don't blend me, bro.
Don’t blend me, bro.

The world, as Americans know it, has been both compounded and downsized into USG-proscribed racial blocs: the White Race, The Black Race, the Eastern Mongrel Race (Arabs), and the Western Mongrel Race (Mestizos). But boundaries are rapidly being dissolved, via migration and miscegenation, among even these once stable groups.

Only the Asians at this time retain some of their ethnic homogeneity. This, too,  is disappearing, as Koreans pour into Japan, and Africans into China. Robert Whitaker’s mantra is losing ground, as prolific baby-making peoples seek Lebensraum throughout the world and no longer in European countries alone.

Creating a blended, sexually deviant humanity is clearly the policy of the Global Overlords. Sexual deviance is promoted because it is a method of depopulation, which our rulers clearly wish to institute.

The reality of human biodiversity is that Europeans are the first, the vanguard race, the prism of understanding. If the European race is faltering, other races throughout the world might do well to look to their own futures, which are equally uncertain. Today’s ersatz White Right feels threatened by these circumstances, but since it still has a nationalistic outlook, if not ideology, it is unable to think globally while acting locally. Global vision shows us that while other races may be used to destroy the European race, the annihilation or enslavement of other races will eventually follow.

Creating a blended humanity is a necessary task of our rulers, who aim to subdue the world population and establish their control. To further their goals in 19th and 20th century America—the sketch artists employed by the controllers created the “Melting Pot” and the concept of color over ethnicity. Today, Americans only proscribed identity is their race and sexual preference. They have no identity based on ancestry, values, or attachment to region and soil.

Blacks, American Indians, women, and sexual deviants are all being used to destroy the White Order in the United States. Each group, in its turn, will in good time be cast aside, flung into degradation and ignominy when their expediency as weapons is complete.  The American Negro and Indian have received their meager payments—in welfare and casino-dollars, and are now doomed to destruction, through miscegenation and disintegration.

The White population is aging and their progeny are increasingly displaying the worst aspects of their own degeneracy. Second-world Asian immigrants have thus been imported as custodians of an infrastructure that is now barely sustainable. Women have been reduced to the chattel property of corporations and the Government—willing chattel property, as always, but property, nonetheless.

And now, we see the political empowerment of sexual deviants, the most recent artificially-created identity group to be weaponized for use against what remains of traditional Europeans mores. Their reduction is imminent—homosexuals and transsexuals have always been no more than the playthings of powerful men and they are naturally subservient to the powers-that-be. They, too, will be cast aside after they have served their purpose.

Once the world’s overlords played nation states against each other. Now they force identity groups, manufactured or otherwise, into conflict. Liberalism has used and abused every “minority” group it has championed, because ideology and intent  are two very different things.

A relatively small number of Christian missionaries sought to evangelize the world in the 19th century, while a large number of their religious brethren sought to exploit it for commercial potential. It must be understood that the liberal academics and talking-heads whom today’s White Right hates with such fervor, are merely tools, complicit or ignorant, in the service of power. They may be genuinely committed to an ideology, but their masters are not. The powers-that-be are merely interested, as ever, in maintaining and expanding their grasp on power.

The Third World invasion and infestation of the Southwestern U.S. was the result of American whites electing a New England organized-crime family to power, not once but twice.  NAFTA and GATT not only destroyed the White American worker, but also the Mexican peasant. Again, we see that White survival does not merely benefit Whites, and that White cultural and demographic decline spells bad news, not just for White people, but for cultural autonomy everywhere and the maintenance of true diversity—as opposed to the “blended” variety being cultivated today by our overlords for nefarious ends.

The European race, for all of its contemporary malaise and degeneracy, is still the First Race; as such, it must lead.  It is not necessary to bear any “White man’s burden” imposed by Anglo-liberals, merely to be in the forefront—acting according to racial instincts and ancestral precepts. White racial advocates will start to be successful when they institute intergenerational planning and subordinate self-interest for favor of achieving just political goals. But they’d better get started, because time’s a-wasting.

Paul Bingham is the author of Down Where the Devil Don’t Go , available now from Nine-Banded Books.