Resistance and Propaganda in Granada

Diversity Macht Frei
August 29, 2017

The Establishment media is pushing the narrative that Muslims in Spain have been protesting against terrorism. But that’s not really true. They are protesting against “Islamophobia”. The video above from the AFP, a French agency, emphasises the “against terrorism” angle. But the Press TV account below admits that really they are demonstrating against hostility to Muslims rather than terrorism. In other words, they are articulating exactly the same narcissitic Muslim victimhood narrative as the jihadis themselves.

This gathering, incidentally, is in the Plaza del Carmen which is where, every 2nd of January, the Día de la Toma [Day of the Capture] ritual is held. This ceremony commemorates the recapture of Granada from the Mohammedans and their Jewish collaborators. Here is a video of the 2013 ceremony, which I attended, together with a translation of the words recited in the ritual (link). Some videos from the 2014 ceremony, which I also attended (link). More on the Día de la Toma.

The Muslims most likely chose the Plaza del Carmen for their “Islamophobia” protest in a calculated gesture of contempt for this Spanish tradition.

The “Islamophobia” protest came in response to some Spanish patriots (Hogar Social) attacking a mosque in Granada in response to the Barcelona attack.

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