Resigning FDA Chief “Fought Vaping and Opioids”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 5, 2019

The FDA head is resigning and all of the news stories say he “fought teen vaping and opioid crisis.”

This is like if I died and that said “he fought to keep ants out of his kitchen and against the Jews.”

Half the articles on this have those two things in the headline.

This just happened, so the narrative isn’t fixed yet.

But one paper has a fixed narrative.

The NYT opens the lede with vaping, says the conservative movement was trying to shut him down because of vaping – as if there is some kind of “big vape” that lobbies to shut people down like “big oil” or “big tobacco” and the Republicans come running when “big vape” comes calling.

They bury the guy’s complaints about opioids in the last sentence.

New York Times:

Scott Gottlieb, the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, known for his aggressive efforts to regulate the tobacco and e-cigarette industries, resigned Tuesday.

Dr. Gottlieb, whose wife and three children have remained in their Westport, Conn., home since he took office, said he was weary of the commute and missed his family.

Dr. Gottlieb had been subject to increasing pressure from some Republicans in Congress and his former associates in the conservative movement, for his tough stance against youth vaping and traditional cigarettes. A coalition of influential conservative groups recently asked the White House to block some of the key parts of the F.D.A.’s strategy to prevent youths from vaping; and Republican Senator Richard Burr blasted the commissioner on the Senate floor for his proposal to ban menthol cigarettes.

Under Dr. Gottlieb’s leadership, the F.D.A. approved a record number of generic medicines, new drugs, and medical devices. The agency also waded into unusual territory for an F.D.A. chief, calling for lower drug prices, and often speaking about the opioid crisis.

I wonder if he pissed more people off by talking about vaping or by talking about the opioid empire of the Jew Sackler family?

Which of those discussions is more likely to get you run out of Washington, I wonder?