Researchers Say Facebook Continuing to Allow Vaccine Disinformation

Understand: the internet censorship policy is not about banning “fake news.”

The censorship agenda is designed to broadly manipulate society.

The Guardian:

Facebook is allowing users to profit from the spread of potentially dangerous false theories and misinformation about the pandemic and vaccines, including deploying money-raising tools on pages with content flagged up by the social media giant’s own factcheckers.

An investigation has found 430 pages – followed by 45 million people – using Facebook’s tools, including virtual “shops” and fan subscriptions, while spreading false information about Covid-19 or vaccinations.

The findings come despite a promise the platform made last year that no user or company should directly profit from false information about immunisation against Covid-19.

Facebook generally does not share this income, but it does occasionally take a cut, and benefits financially from users engaging with content and staying on its services, exposing them to more ads.

The research, by the London-headquartered Bureau of Investigative Journalism, is likely to have uncovered only a tiny snapshot of the vast amount of monetised misinformation on Facebook related to the pandemic and vaccines.

A Facebook spokesman said the company was investigating the examples brought to its attention, and had “removed a small number of the pages shared with us for violating our policies”.

However, many of the posts identified as misinformation do not violate Facebook rules, the spokesman added, without providing any details.

“Our initial investigation shows a large number of the pages flagged had zero violations against our harmful misinformation policies, and we’d dispute the overall accuracy of the data being provided,” he said.

This is what is going on: they are curating content for purposes beyond “just ban everyone who disagrees with the media.”

Remember: to this day, neo-Nazis who planned and executed the Charlottesville rally are allowed on Twitter and other public platforms. They are allowed to process credit cards.

Meanwhile, I was banned from literally everything – banned all the way down to the basic infrastructure level – ostensibly for making a joke about the event.

Obviously, this is because they want anyone who starts to figure things out to get involved with neo-Nazis, and not pick up on the kind of ideas I’m presenting here.

It’s the same thing with the vaccine stuff. People who are just laying out the basic facts about the coronavirus get banned. Meanwhile, people who are saying the vaccine has nanobots in it that are going to be controlled with 5G, and linking that to the flat earth, are allowed to stay.

Do you see how that works? They feed people who start to question the system into a new plane of disinformation.

These people then go out there and spread the disinformation, which turns people off to them. If you bring up the coronavirus vaccine to anyone, they will start saying “oh right, you believe it has tiny robots in it that will control your brain with cellphone towers.”

They just bounce everyone around like this, pinballs in a pinball machine.

It is diabolical.

They are pinball wizards.