Researchers Claim the Vegan Diet is the Best Diet for Athletes

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 12, 2019

The push for veganism continues. This time, they’re claiming that an undisclosed time period of abstinence from animal foods is the best diet for athletes.

Daily Mail:

Veganism is the best diet for athletes because it boosts heart health, endurance and recovery, according to a scientific review.

Athletes, as well as the general public, are increasingly adopting the diet for its reported benefits to health.

Venus Williams, Lewis Hamilton, David Haye and Derrick Morgan are already fans, despite their heavy sport schedules requiring strict food.

Now, evidence supports that the diet – which uses predominately uses beans and legumes for protein instead of meat – can improve athlete’s performance.

Experts, led by Dr Neal Barnard at George Washington University School of Medicine, said the diet meets ‘all their nutritional needs’, while reducing body fat and controlling weight.

Dr. Neal Barnard.

Dr. Neal Barnard is a vegan doctor. I recently mentioned another vegan doctor, Dr. Michael Greger.

As you can see, these vegan doctors have a particular look to them.

The review of dozens of existing studies, published in the journal Nutrients, found a vegan diet play a key role in cardiovascular health, which is critical for endurance athletes.

A low-fat, vegetarian diet is the most effective dietary pattern clinically shown to reverse plaque, the authors said.

And compared with meat eaters, vegetarians are 32 per cent less likely to develop coronary heart disease.

A vegan diet addresses other key contributors to heart disease, including dyslipidemia, elevated blood pressure, elevated body weight, and diabetes.

As well as this, a plant-based diet can provide athletic performance advantages, including ‘leaner body mass, ease of glycogen storage, improved tissue oxygenation, reduced oxidative stress, and reduced inflammation,’ the review said.

They can claim whatever they want, they can speak on behalf of science all they want, they can shame you all they want…

But can they answer a simple question?

If vegans are so healthy why do they all look so sick?

Youtuber sv3rige has documented vegan’s physical and psychical degeneration. Take a look at some of his videos.

Check out these skeleton sluts that have been vegan from birth:

They have the body of a 11-year-old boy but they’re like 25 years old.

Vegans trick people into believing veganism is healthy by claiming to be vegan after just a couple of months of abstaining from animal foods. Have you met any long-term vegan? Most people flaunting their veganism have only been vegan for a few months.

Not automatically dying after deciding to stop eating animal foods doesn’t make veganism healthy.

I’m not saying that what vegans eat isn’t healthy, I’m saying that eating only what they eat for an extended period of time isn’t healthy.

(Strategically used short-term vegan diets can have “body cleansing” health benefits, but these benefits drop off after a few months.)

Take a look at famous vegan Joaquin Phoenix and keep in mind he’s like 44 years old.

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Camera test (w/ sound). Joker.

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He doesn’t look very good at all for that age, especially considering the wealth and access to all sorts of whatever.

Anyone would guess he is 10-15 years older than he actually is.

Furthermore, he is not muscular, as is common with most Hollywood actors, and instead has man-breasts.

If you compare vegans to people of similar weight that include animal foods in their diet, you’ll find that non-vegans look noticeably better most of the time – even when they are not people who are paid to look good, even when they are not rich, even when they are not particularly focused on health.

Not being prepared and used to eating animal foods is a survival disadvantage. Veganism is only possible thanks to modernity, but shit can still hit the fan. Just look at what happens in shit-holes like Venezuela.

People in Blue Zones eat animal products. If vegans were really interested in human health and longevity, they’d advocate for something very close to one of the diets found in those remarkably long-lived zones. But they’re not interested in human well-being.

Research showing that eating plant foods is healthy is not the same as research showing that eating only plant foods is healthy long term. But vegans don’t care. They make the jump anyway and tell people that animal foods are poison and that never ever eating them again is the only path to health.

Are they afraid they’ll lose their vegan superpowers if they taste a little bit of meat?

The suffering of animals blablabla” is a silly excuse. They have to make up their minds. Are they promoting science-supported veganism or feelings-supported veganism? They go back and forth between those all the time despite the critical differences.

A 2017 study, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, found that those who ate a vegan diet high in sugar and processed foods were 32 per cent more likely to be diagnosed with heart disease than meat-eaters.

“Vegan” is a useless term. It’s like comparing a diet exclusively composed by McDonald’s products with an all-sugar diet and telling people you’re comparing “the omnivore diet” with “the vegan diet.” They have to be more specific.

Don’t be autistic. Don’t go to the end of the spectrum.  Eat real foods.

Artificially limiting yourself through unsubstantiated dietary ideas is dumb. Would you limit yourself to only performing squats as a form of exercise or would you use everything available to you that proves to be effective?

Right now eating animal products is proven to be effective. People have lived more than a hundred years without excluding them from their diets.

Where are the vegan centenarians?