Research: A Third of Hungarians Hate the Jews

Daily Stormer
June 16, 2016


Nobody loves the Jews

Antisemitism is the normal and natural state of being for a healthy man. It takes a lot of brainwashing to have anything but loathing for these filthy lying Jews.


A new survey commissioned by a Hungarian antisemitism watchdog group found that one-third of the general population in Hungary espouses varying degrees of anti-Jewish attitudes, the European Jewish Press reported.

According to the survey — which was carried out on behalf of the Action and Protection Foundation (TEV) — antisemitism in Hungary has grown over the last year.

In addition, antisemitic attitudes and prejudice against Jews are closely tied with general xenophobic attitudes found to be rampant in Hungarian society, the survey found.

The Hungarian state is performing all these hardcore actions, building walls, closing down refugee centers, calling out the Jew Soros… This isn’t because Orban and his government are brave patriots taking a stand. They’re just pressured by their own population, which is extremely right wing.

If Orban didn’t do all this, he’d lose to a more hardcore party like Jobbik.


Orban has the Jobbik Nazis breathing down his neck and keeping him edgy

Antisemitism is bound to continue increasing both in Hungary and elsewhere in Europe. We’re already well past peak Jew – it’s all downhill from here for them.

Our job is just to accelerate this. If you expose people to the Jews and their schemes, antisemitism is always the result.