Republicans Still Don’t Understand That the Capitol Storm was Set Up by the FBI and Capitol Police

Close, but no cigar.


A new poll suggests Republicans have a very different idea about who was behind the January 6 riot at the US Capitol, with the majority of them blaming “left-wing protestors.”

In the YouGov/Yahoo poll, Republicans and Democrats painted strikingly different pictures of the Capitol riot, which ultimately left five dead in their wake, including one officer.

While over 80% of Democrats blame Trump supporters at the Capitol, blame Trump himself, or blame Republicans promoting the idea that the presidential election was stolen, over 70% of Republicans push the blame toward “left-wing protestors trying to make Trump look bad.”

While there are numerous theories that liberal protesters, too, participated in the Capitol riot, both the FBI and Republican leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy have pushed back against the idea.

The actual cause of the event was the cops.

FBI agents, including the head of the Proud Boys and the head of the Oath Keepers (the two groups charged with conspiracy in relation to the Capitol Storm), broke out windows and got violent at the Capitol.

Beyond these fed agitators, the problem was that the Capitol police waved people into the building.

Most of the footage has been cleansed from the internet, but we all saw it: the cops opened the doors of the Capitol and told people to come in.

You remember the black cop standing at the door waving people in and saying “I disagree with it, but I respect it.”

We have that video.


That statement obviously meant that he’d been ordered to let people in. He disagreed with the order he’d been given.

There is no chance they weren’t given orders to let people in. If they had been, they wouldn’t have just stood down like that. They wouldn’t have opened the door and let people march in single file.

That can’t simply be erased from history.

This is all a stupid hoax.

Look at those cops standing in a line.

No violence happened, except for some unknown cop shooting Ashli Babbitt after she’d been allowed in the Capitol by these cops.

There should be an investigation into the FBI’s control of the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, and an investigation into who ordered the Capitol Police to open the doors and wave people inside the building.

There should also be an investigation of people like Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden – and frankly every other Democrat and many Republicans – who completely lied about this event in order to implement martial law. That is a conspiracy. Someone planned this entire thing for the purpose of then using it as a pretext to go on a psycho Bolshevik witch hunt.

The only people who could have planned it are whoever gives orders to the Capitol Police.

Furthermore, the FBI used their agents in the Proud Boys to break out windows (which was unnecessary because the doors were open).

They used their controlled Oath Keepers to run around the building sending each other text messages about “releasing the gas.”

This is insane.

I really do need to write up a 3,000-word essay collecting all of this information, just to make it clear, so that other people can spread it easily.

Imagine that an FBI informant was sending messages about gassing people.

That is crazier than saying the cops waving people in was a “violent insurrection.”

And what about the pipe bombs?

What happened with that?

Any arrests on that front, FBI?

(Rhetorical question: no one will ever be arrested for those fake pipe bombs laid in the bushes at night with a timer.)

The pipe bomb thing is a big part of this that I also need to go into in my proposed long piece.

There is just never enough time, you know?

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