Republicans Join Global Warmers, Form Group to Fight Against Changing Weather

We have less than 11 years now. That’s science.

Republicans are once again getting out in front of an issue that really matters to their voters: global warming.


Utah Rep. John Curtis says he’s tired of hearing that Republicans — his party colleagues — don’t care about climate change or slowing global warming.

A former Provo mayor who has served in Congress since 2017, Curtis says Republicans can push for serious climate solutions while holding fast to conservative values. To prove the point, he has formed the Conservative Climate Caucus, an all-GOP group aimed at educating fellow Republicans on climate change and advancing market-based policies to counter the Green New Deal and other Democratic proposals.

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He’s bigly backed by petrochemical companies, including pharma and energy. That’s probably why he’s such a big global warming supporter.

But then again, maybe he just believes in global warming, because that’s our values and who we are?

“Those who watch this caucus will see Republicans do care about this Earth — deeply,″ Curtis said at a news conference Wednesday.

“We, too, want to leave this Earth better than we found it. We don’t need to kill the U.S. economy to reach our climate goals. In fact, it’s just the opposite. There is a way to lower emissions without sacrificing American jobs and principles. And I believe Republicans are the ones to lead on this.″

Leading Republicans, most notably former President Donald Trump, have mocked climate change as a hoax and downplayed the effects of warming temperatures caused by fossil fuel emissions. Trump withdrew the United States from the global Paris climate accord, and his Environmental Protection Agency refused to update a website highlighting evidence of climate change in the United States, including rising temperatures, increased ocean acidity and more severe droughts and wildfires.

Rep. Peter Meijer of Michigan, another caucus member, said it’s long past time for Republicans to acknowledge the reality of climate change and put forward solutions that reduce carbon emissions while remaining “aligned with our business community.″

Curtis, who voted against impeachment but supported a bipartisan commission on the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, said he has not talked to Trump about the climate caucus. The group includes some strong Trump supporters, but all are “independent thinkers,″ Curtis said in an interview.

Calling climate change a serious threat, he said, “We’ve been missing from the table for too long as conservatives.”

A total of 56 Republicans — a quarter of the GOP caucus — had joined the climate group as of Wednesday, including Louisiana Rep. Garret Graves, the top Republican on the House Select Committee on Climate; Washington Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the top Republican on Energy and Commerce; and Arkansas Rep. Bruce Westerman, top Republican on Natural Resources.

Yeah, they’ll want to call Trump up – they might be surprised at what he says.

He’s a hardcore vaxxer now, and also apparently believes Joe Biden won the 2020 election – so he’s probably ready to get on board with this moronic weather hoax.

He’s also ready to be friends with people who have really stupid looking faces.

The fact that John Curtis has spent so much time fighting Trump will actually help him in getting Trump’s support. Trump loves people who hate him, and is prone to supporting anyone who tries to destroy him.

One thing about 2021 Donald Trump that you have to remember: he is against everything that 2016 Donald Trump supported. He is a kind of Mirror World Trump.

Insiders say he’s considering growing a goatee, so as to embrace his new Mirror World self.

So hit him up. Ask about this weather horseshit.

His answer may indeed shock you.

Every answer he’s given since 1/6 sure has shocked the hell out of me – I can tell you that much.