Republicans Go Nuclear to Force Through Judge Gorsuch

Daily Stormer
April 7, 2017

Can you believe the gall on that Schumer Kike? And they wonder why we turn them into lampshades…

As expected, the Democrat filth has done everything they could to block Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the supreme court, indicating that they would accept nothing less than a hard-core communist as a replacement for Scalia.

Thankfully, the Republicans have set aside “muh principles” and are just ramming him through.

The Neil Gorsuch:

Senate Republicans changed longstanding rules on Thursday to clear the way for the confirmation of Judge Neil M. Gorsuch to serve on the Supreme Court, bypassing a precedent-breaking Democratic filibuster by allowing the nomination to go forward on a simple majority vote.

Don’t blame us for pressing the button. Blame yourselves for making us press the button.

In deploying the so-called nuclear option, lawmakers are fundamentally altering the way the Senate handles one of its most significant duties — a sign of the body’s creeping rancor in recent years after decades of at least relative bipartisanship on Supreme Court matters. Both parties have likewise warned of sweeping effects on the future of the court, predicting that the shift will lead to the elevation of more ideologically extreme judges if only a majority is required for confirmation.

That ship sailed long ago.

If you didn’t want “ideologically extreme” judges, you shouldn’t have put up Jews and racial aliens on the supreme court.

Now it’s inevitable that conflict will ramp up.

But of course, no one is actually worried about “ideologically extreme judges.” What they’re worried is that the right is going to start fighting back against leftist extremism.

Senate Democrats in 2013 first changed the rules of the Senate to block Republican filibusters of presidential nominees to lower courts and to government positions, but they left the filibuster in place for Supreme Court nominees, an acknowledgment of the sacrosanct nature of the high court. That last pillar was knocked down on a party-line vote, with all 52 Republicans voting to overrule Senate precedent and all 48 Democrats and liberal-leaning independents voting to keep it.

There you go. Democrats have never had any problem changing the rules to force through their agendas. Yet they have the gall to whine when their enemies do the same.

It’s almost like Jews are hypocritical.

The reality of the world is that whoever has the most power will impose his will on others. Jews and their henchmen have always lived by this doctrine. But cuckservatives have hamstrung themselves by adhering to nonsensical “principles,” preferring to “lose with honor” than win with effective methods.

This is nonsense.

When the truth is on your side, only losing is immoral.

The Senate then voted 55-45 to cut off debate — four votes more than needed under the new rules — and move to a final vote on Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation Friday evening, with a simple majority needed for approval.

In theory, everything should be smooth sailing from this point on.