Republicans’ Endorsement of Coronavirus Vaccine has No Effect on Their Anti-Vaxx Voter Base

Why did every single top Republican come out and demand the vaxx at the same time?

Is this entire political party some kind of… hoax? 

The Guardian:

Almost like a switch had been flipped, a set of high-profile Republican political figures and conservative media personalities recently shifted their stance on the Covid-19 shots and became more outspoken and proactive in urging Americans to get vaccinated.

Governor Kay Ivey of Alabama, the state with the lowest proportion of fully vaccinated people in the country, said last week it was time to shame vaccination holdouts. Commentator Sean Hannity, who had previously called the pandemic a hoax, offered an on-air argument for viewers to get vaccinated. In Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis, who had been selling merchandise mocking the use of masks, said the anti-Covid vaccines “are saving lives”. The Republican congressman Steve Scalise of Louisiana, where only 36% of eligible residents are fully vaccinated, finally got inoculated publicly after refraining from doing so.

In Kentucky, Senator Mitch McConnell, the top Senate Republican, is planning to use campaign re-election resources to run radio ads in the state urging voters to get vaccinated, according to Reuters.

So he will use his donors’ money to run ads for a Democrat political agenda.


Who does Mitch McConnell represent? 

And on the campaign trail, Donald Trump’s former press secretary, Sarah Sanders, who is thefavorite to become the next governor of Arkansas, sent out a long email to supporters titled Why I Got Vaccinated urging them to get the shot too (while also bashing the country’s leading infectious disease expert, Anthony Fauci).

All together it’s a shift among some of the most prominent voices within the Republican party and among conservatives toward encouraging vaccine use rather than leaving it up to personal choice.

Polls have shown that conservative Americans are much more likely to be unvaccinated and hesitant to get the shot. Some observers have welcomed the recent shift by high-profile Republicans, but others warn it may be too little, too late.

States with the lowest percentages of fully vaccinated residents all tilt reliably Republican, according to data continuously updated by the Mayo Clinic. Rates in those states are lower than 40%. By contrast the states with the highest percentage of vaccinated people are near 70%, and largely lean Democratic.

The shift in tone comes as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends people resume wearing masks inside in areas where the Delta varianthas led to a surge in cases.

Polling shows that rank-and-file Republicans are more likely to listen to “Republican elites” than to Democratic elites who encourage them to take a vaccine. But in interviews with half a dozen Republican pollsters, including ones who have held focus groups on encouraging holdouts to get vaccinated, they say that there is still a block of Americans who won’t be moved even if it’s a Republican urging them to get the shot – no matter if there’s a chance they could win $1m or a shotgun or tuition money or fishing permits, incentives that governors across the country have used to motivate people who are resistant to getting vaccinated.

Yeah, take the free shotgun – then blow your brains out before you die of a blood clot!



At least we still have Tucker.

The great news is that refusal is highest among the young.

Hopefully one or two of them are women, because we’re going to need wombs.

“Jarring farce” is a good term.

It was creepy, like robot people.

Are they robot people?

The vaxxed zombies continue to turn up the heat on the unvaxxed.

It is so obvious that they are leading a mob against us.

That must be why Mitch McConnell is using his own campaign money to run vaxxer ads – he thinks if he does, they won’t come for him.

But of course, they will come for him – simply because he is a symbol of the opposition. The fact that he is fake opposition makes no difference to this unhinged mob, which obviously doesn’t even understand the concept of fake opposition, and just thinks that anyone who disagrees with the entrenched establishment on anything deserves to die.