Republicans are Claiming to be Making a Stand Against Joe Biden’s Sadistic Vax Mania

Previously: Vaxy Joe Gives Kook Vaxer Speech Announcing Brutal New Abuses of Power

On Thursday, Joe “Vaxy Joe” Biden, the false president of America, gave a menacing and histrionic speech wherein he made a series of demands against the unvaxed population. The demands were accompanied by vicious and hateful threats.

He basically said that he’s moving to force everyone in the country to take his deadly vax, and he’s going to force them out of their jobs and into poverty and starvation if they refuse. He really did up the ante. It was effectively a declaration of war on those who believe they have a right to make their own decisions about what gets rammed into their bodies.

It will probably take most people a little while to realize just how aggressive this man has become. He is claiming outright to have authority over your body, and it doesn’t take a creative mind to realize where things can go from here.

His threats come as the government is beginning to demand people take a third shot of the alleged vaccine. Anthony Fauci has already said that in order to qualify as “vaccinated,” you will have to have taken three shots. Israel has announced a fourth shot, which will of course come to America in the next few months.

It should be noted that even as Biden is claiming he’s going to force everyone in the country to take this vax, the Postal Service is exempt.

I have no idea why that is, but it shows that this whole “everyone must take the vax” thing is not real. He said “all federal workers,” and then exempted a federal agency with millions of employees – who also come into direct contact with large numbers of people daily, as they’re delivering the mail.

It’s likely that other federal agencies will be issued exemptions. Hilariously, Anthony Fauci admitted back in May that between 40% and 50% of the employees at HIS OWN AGENCY, the NIH, are refusing the vaccine.

Those people obviously know more about the vax than anyone else in the world, so I seriously doubt they’re going to agree to take it. They will likely be given an exemption as well.

The most shocking thing about the response to Vaxy Joe’s unhinged and menacing attack on America is the deafening silence from Donald J. Trump. He issued multiple statements yesterday, including two about Afghanistan and one about the Jews, but did not comment on Joe Biden saying he’s going to force everyone to take a deadly gene therapy treatment against their will.

Trump must be getting paid by Pfizer. There is just no other reason he would be side-stepping the issue that is most important to his base. But it’s a good thing, as he is continuing to fade into irrelevance, and moving out of the way of a real people’s movement against this vax system.

Some other Republicans are making statements of varying degrees of usefulness.

The most impressive of the responses came from Ohio Senate candidate JD Vance, who is calling for total resistance to this attack on our natural rights and freedoms.

I do not like or support JD Vance. Well, I mean, I guess I support him for Senate, but I don’t endorse him as a person or trust him at all. However, that is a very good statement.

Chip Roy, a Congressman from Texas, said that businesses should refuse to cooperate with Biden’s plan to force businesses with 100 or more employees to vax their people.

That is useful.

Anyone saying “don’t cooperate” is useful.

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie said that OSHA – the agency tasked with enforcing the invasive new mandate – doesn’t have this authority.

However, he compared it to the CDC not having the authority to ban evictions, and one might note: the CDC did ban evictions. So, apparently they do have that authority. Simply saying they don’t have that authority doesn’t actually mean anything. This statement from Massie ranks a zero on the usefulness scale.

Another useless statement came from CathyMcMorrisRodgers (yes, she stylizes all three of her names as one word like that).

That is just meaningless, milquetoast bullshit.

Who cares, bitch?

Everyone already knows this is “unacceptable.”

You have to tell people to literally not accept it.

Greg Abbot, who has been under pressure to take a stand, said he’s signing an executive order to ban Biden’s policies.

That actually goes in the direction I’ve been wanting things to go in – states standing up against the overreach of the feds. I’m happy with that and consider it quite useful.

Kristi Noem, the Governor of North Dakota who was recently described by Matt Walsh as “a hot little number” with a “tight ass and firm tits,” said something something fighting back. Okay.

Alabama’s Barry Moore gave vague talk about “fighting back,” which is I guess better than nothing.

Andy Biggs of Arizona made a similar statement.

The fat Cuban Ted Cruz did the “oh how dare you” bit.

No call for resistance, no move to action – just more meaningless rhetoric.

Here are some more limp-wristed and totally useless statements from Republican authorities:

(Smucker is an Amish apostate – no wonder he’s lukewarm.)

(Okay, he said “push back.” That is better than nothing.)

I mean, it is good that so many Republicans are now talking about the vax. We’re entering into some kind of extreme polarization – maybe.

But we should note: if people are not saying that now is the time to cease cooperating with the feds, then they really are not saying anything. Obviously, this is “unconstitutional” and so on. No one could ever doubt that, and I don’t even think Democrats would make a serious argument that they have a right to do this.

But it doesn’t matter if they have a “right” – they are doing it, and they will succeed in doing it if people do not stand up and fight back against it.

All this having been said: no one is actually going to fight back on any kind of scale. Not enough to prevent this from happening.

But the more resistance, the better. The more resistance we have going into this New Nightmare, the less stable it is going to be once it is established, and the quicker it will fall.

However, for you as an individual: you just have to get the hell out of these cities.

The virus hoax is only just beginning. They are doing vax passports and they’re going to shut you out from entering grocery stores. There is more or less zero chance that if you live in a city, you’re going to be able to keep your job.

Of course, in the longer term, you’re going to lose your job anyway. The economy has totally collapsed, and there is no plan to fix it.

You just have to accept what is happening, and trust Jesus. You don’t have any other choice.


The very fake president Joe Biden responded to Republican criticism. He said that politics doesn’t have to be this way because it’s not who we are, and we have to all come together and take is extremely deadly vaccine.

This whole “it’s not about politics” thing is just too much.

When Nick Fuentes is supreme ruler, I’m going to make these statements:

  • “We have to get these Jews in camps. Look. C’mon, man! We can’t complain about it. That’s not who we are. We’re not a nation of complainers. It’s not who we are. We have to come together, and we have to put these Jews in a cage with a bear and an eagle. We have to cut their hands off and sew them back on the wrong arms. We have to come together.”
  • “It’s not about politics. We’ve gotta come together, and we have to deport these Africans back to their homeland. They belong in Africa. That’s who we are. It’s not about politics. We’ve gotta send these folks home. Look. We’re using netguns. That’s who we are.”
  • “Look, here’s the deal: women have to cover their hair, they can’t leave their houses without a chaperone. This is not about politics. We have to come together, we have to get these sluts in line. People saying the sluts should run buckwild, that’s not who we are. We have to clamp down on these sluts.”
  • And so on.

“It’s not about politics” is the greatest ever line in politics.