Republican Flyers Spotted at Arizona State University – Police Investigating Hate Speech

William Martel
Daily Stormer
November 20, 2016

According to our sources, flyers with a purely Republican message such as “The age of White guilt is over, and the goys are back in town” and “Psst, White person, stop apologizing, we don’t owe them anything” have been appearing in massive quantities all over the campus of Arizona State University. The flyers featured an image of Pepe the Republican Frog.

For some unknown reason, the local Lügenpresse in Arizona is outraged by these harmless flyers.


White supremacy fliers found on Arizona State University’s Tempe campus on Wednesday are yet another incident of what students describe as racial tension at school. While the university declined to provide copies, officials confirm each promoted white supremacy with messages like “Come Save The White Race With Us,” “Psst, white person, stop apologizing, we don’t owe them anything” and “Still scared about being called a racist? May we suggest not caring anymore? Trump didn’t, right?”

So far so good, nothing objectionable here. Just White Republicans addressing other Whites.

“Hearing about that incident breaks my heart a little bit because I came to ASU knowing this is my home, this is my second home, where if I’m a different race people will accept me no matter what,” said Matthew Wang, a freshman.

Less than a week ago, graffiti was found on a campus bathroom stall referencing the KKK.

“Really? I get it, you’re in college, you’re trying to have fun, sometimes you think it’s funny, but being of a different race it’s not funny,” Wang said.

Well if you hate White people so much Mr. Wang, maybe you should go back to China. I hear it’s 99.9% Chinese over there.

No matter what age or ethnicity, students believe the incidents are upsetting.

“It’s disappointing, you figure at a school like this you wouldn’t have issues like that,” said freshman Alana Culver.

Students are hopeful the incidents are just pranks.

“Yeah, I definitely think they’re using this as an outlet to vent out their personal feelings towards whatever they might be prejudice before, but I am an optimistic person and I do know that people will move on,” said student Divya Ramalingan.

School officials said the fliers are saddening and don’t represent the views of the university. ASU’s Police Department is aware of the incidents and investigating who’s responsible.

The police are investigating harmless flyers. Is expressing your freedom of speech a hate crime now?