Reporter Tells Vaxxy Joe That the Population has Lost All Confidence in Him

A reporter on Sunday told Vaxxy Joe Biden that the majority of Americans think he’s incompetent. He looked confused, as he always does. The clip is extra surreal with that sign language woman getting real weird.

The media is definitely ripping Biden apart.

As I said yesterday, the only plan could be to replace Biden with Kamala.

The Republicans are being really helpful, going along with the media’s attack on Biden instead of saying anything meaningful about the disaster in Afghanistan.

A lot of conservative politicians and commenters are saying that we should invade the country again.

I typed “Biden” into Twitter, and it is just nonstop Conservative Inc. garbage as bad as anything Democrats are saying.

I’ll just post some of the stuff that came up first.

Don Jr. with the mic drop BOOM moment.

Utterly inane drivel.

Don Jr. pays people to come up with these zingers. He likely has an entire floor in a high-rise in New York of zinger researchers developing hot takes to own the libs.

Some blue check Con Inc. figure saying Biden is a tool of Putin, among other claims.

The House Minority Leader vaguely implying a need for more war in Afghanistan.

Senator Tom Cotton calling for a new full invasion of Afghanistan.

It’s really amazing how well censorship has worked in totally stomping out everything new that was introduced into right-wing politics in 2016 and replacing it with the same old George W. Bush, Mitch McConnell, neocon tripe.

It’s a delicate thing, to actually not ban all right-wing content, but to groom it in such a way as to shape the direction of the right-wingers, by shaping the information and ideas they have access to.

The concept of the marketplace of ideas does work, in real life – and I won it, along with people like Alex Jones.

But if you restrict people’s information, you restrict people’s ability to think, and you can then just shape their beliefs. You end up with the same people who were cheering Donald Trump in 2016 for saying Bush Wars were a lie and the worst thing that ever happened to the country saying we should launch a new invasion of Afghanistan as revenge for the surrender being so humiliating.

This stuff about people not being able to get to the airport is going to make me snap.

Firstly, I think “American citizens” is a term being used to describe people who the Fox News audience is not picturing when they hear the term “American citizens.” Secondly, what are they doing there? Thirdly, if there is a problem at the airport, why don’t they just wait until the problem clears up (which will happen when America leaves), and then just book a commercial flight to wherever they are trying to go?

I guess the clear thing being implied is that they Taliban is just going to start slaughtering people. This is just the same gibberish from Fox, pretending like the Taliban is ISIS because they both have beards. Of course, they don’t actually come out and say “the Taliban is going to behead all Americans who aren’t out by August 31,” because that would obviously sound too stupid.

Anyway, I guess there are probably some readers who don’t know this because the media is being so weaselly: the people trying to flee Afghanistan at the airport are just your standard Syrian Children from Afghanistan™ who just want a better life for their families by working the jobs Americans don’t want to work.

The Taliban has already announced what sounds like blanket amnesty. It’s possible they might put some of the top people from the government on trial, I guess – but all those people are already in Tajikistan with millions in cash.

As far as American citizens – they don’t even have a potential problem, at all. They shouldn’t even be in a rush. Yes, the airport is a mess – because of all these people trying to become refugees and live on welfare in American and Europe rioting – but they can just wait for the situation to be resolved and get on a normal flight.

Tom Cotton knows that. Anyone who knows anything knows that, and even if you don’t know anything, you could probably figure it out by thinking about it.


I’m so sick of Republicans.

What they should be saying right now is that Joe Biden is just a figurehead, and the massive and humiliating failure of the intelligence services in Afghanistan is a sign of the incompetence of the deep state and the bumbling nature of globalism.

Instead, they’re happy to limit this to Joe Biden – which is also, conveniently, the agenda of the Democrats right now.