Report: Jared Kushner is Telling Trump to Concede (BECAUSE OF COURSE)


New York Post:

President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has tried to talk him into conceding the election, CNN reported late Saturday.

The network, citing two sources, said that Kushner, a top White House advisor, broached the subject with the president following Joe Biden’s victory earlier in the day.

The move came after Trump refused to concede in the minutes after the election was called by the major networks — insisting that “this election is far from over” and claiming that Biden was “rushing to falsely pose as the winner” after Pennsylvania was called for the Democrat.

“I will not rest until the American People have the honest vote count they deserve and that Democracy demands,” Trump said in a statement just before noon, promising the campaign’s legal battle against supposed “fraud” would begin in earnest Monday.

Surely, if this is actually happening, Jared is going to be banned from whatever the next phase of this process is.

Trump isn’t going to concede. He’s made clear that he isn’t. So he has to be looking at this whiny, feminine little weirdo and saying, “what is his game?

We have to exclude him going forward. He has been the single most damaging force in this administration. There is zero chance that we would even be in this position we are in now if it wasn’t for Jared Kushner.

From Day One, Kushner has continually worked to sabotage the Trump agenda. Every wrong move that Trump made was a result of Kushner.

From the day I got banned – August 13, 2017 – the entire agenda of the right-wing should have been to force the tech companies to allow freedom of speech, because without freedom of speech, nothing else matters. You can’t do anything if you can’t talk about it, and if you’re relying on the goodwill of your vicious enemies to allow you to speak, that isn’t going to work out.

There is zero chance that we wouldn’t have had the ability to squash this coronavirus hoax and thus make mail-in voting a non-issue if we’d had free speech. This election is now the single most censored thing in all of history, but before that, it was the truth about the coronavirus.

I was at the forefront of telling the truth about the virus hoax and the implications of it. It’s not a coincidence that I was also the most censored person on earth at the time the coronavirus became an issue. Not to toot my own horn, but it was obvious that I was going to be a problem for them.

Trump didn’t make free speech the key issue, because Jared had other issues. So we ended up with weird stuff with the blacks and anti-Moslem stuff, as the entire internet was silenced.

Now, Trump himself is being silenced. They are censoring every tweet, and Twitter is stating outright that when he is removed from office, they are going to ban him.

This proves the old adage: Anglin was right.