Report: Fat Norwegian Women Scared to Show Muhammed Cartoons to Their Mixed Race Classrooms

I guess this means that terrorism works, huh?

Who would have thought?


The majority of teachers who responded to a survey in Norway say they value freedom of speech but claim to be concerned that there may be personal consequences for showing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, a poll suggests.

The anxieties among Norwegian teachers were reported by the industry publication Utdanningsnytt, which surveyed people in the aftermath of last month’s beheading of French teacher Samuel Paty.

Some teachers had earlier spoken publicly about their fears and the outlet wanted to probe how widespread those sentiments were. Of the 2,000 teachers asked, only 239 responded to the survey questions, most of them women.

Among those who shared their opinions, 37 percent agreed to a large or a very large extent with the statement that they were “afraid of the consequences”, should they show the cartoons in their classroom. When asked if they planned to use the images as a teaching material, over 60 percent said ‘no’ and less than 8 percent said ‘yes’.

Four in five of the people surveyed said their teaching had something to do with the freedom of expression. Almost 64 percent said as long as a topic is relevant to freedom of expression, they would teach it regardless of risking offending students. Less than 8 percent said they “totally agree” with the idea that topics that individual students may find offensive should be avoided.

Why would they want to show these cartoons?

What could possibly be the point?

All of these countries invited in these disgusting Moslems, who are gang-rapists and terrorists, and now they want to harass them.


It’s idiotic.

Basically, everyone is uncomfortable with this whole Moslem invasion thing. Maybe not everyone, but at this point, it is most people. They probably weren’t at first, but now that the number of these people in our countries is reaching critical mass and they are flexing their muscles, people are getting uncomfortable.

So, the Jews say: “You know how you can deal with being uncomfortable with these Moslems we flooded your country with? Harass them by insulting their sacred beliefs.”

It doesn’t make sense, but it’s something that people are latching onto.