#RepealThe19th: White Women Well Aware Their Black Pets are Stupid Criminals

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 7, 2016

This is a man-on-street scene from some university campus.

White women are asked if voter ID laws are racist, and they say yes of course.

Their reason?

Black people are too stupid to figure out how to get an ID.

One girl also notes that it is racist not to let convicted felons vote.

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And this is standard. Any White women would give this same explanation of why voter ID laws are evil racism.

You see, in nature, these twenty-something women would already have a couple of kids to pour their womanly affections on. But we don’t live in nature. We live in a Jewed-out nightmare dystopia where women are told that the only way their lives will matter is if they go pretend to be men, pay taxes and put off child-birth until their so old their eggs are dried up and no men are attracted to them.

But they have to put these womanly affections somewhere. So, onto the Negroid man-children they go.

They love this idea that they are mommies to these monkeys.


Watch a childless woman with a dog or cat. Watch what they do to it. It is actually bizarre, and very sad.

These women are not happy. They want babies. The female of every species wants babies. Besides eating, sleeping and keeping warm, reproduction is the most powerful human drive. Ignoring biology does not change reality.

This is a huge aspect of the female support for the invasion. Part of it is definitely sexual, but a big part of it is this need to take coddle things which are viewed as weak and helpless.

It we don’t do something about the out of control biological drives of women, we are utterly doomed.

Reasonable Solutions for Real World Problems

I 100% believe that women should have their voting rights, as well as all of their other rights, stripped from them and be forced to allow men to make every single decision for them.

However, I recognize that this is currently a very difficult proposal, in real terms. #RepealThe19th is a beautiful meme, but it isn’t a goal we are likely to achieve any time soon.

The solution at this point is simply to make the path to motherhood easier. If we can make it socially acceptable for women to get married and pregnant young – they care oh so much about social acceptability, these creatures – and make it economically viable for them to do so, we can fix this issue without having to #RepealThe19th.

The poll margins between unmarried women and married women in this election are staggering.


And I would wager that a serious percentage of those married women who are for Hillary are childless, and a serious percentage of those unmarried women have children and probably live-in boyfriends (or they are relatively young and not college-indoctrinated).

Removing women’s right to vote is a good long-term goal, but we basically want to abolish the vote completely anyway, or at least restrict it to a very small percentage of the population (and limit its application). But an attainable goal in the now that can be achieved through basic normal policies is creating a social and economic climate where it is viable for young, fertile women to get married in their late teens or early twenties and produce children.

Some basic, easy government action:

  • Give tax incentives and interest free loans to families where the female is 22 or younger, increase incentives for each child born
  • Eliminate “no fault” divorce laws
  • Fund ad campaigns explaining to women the way fertility works, and the dangers associated with waiting to have children
  • Include marriage and motherhood courses in high school, as well as sex ed courses that focus on saving virginity for marriage and paint promiscuous women as disease-ridden and miserable (this is the reality, which can be easily demonstrated with data that schools currently suppress); other aspects of the curriculum, starting from primary school, can easily be altered to promote a pro-family message
  • Remove affirmative action programs for women from the workplace, bringing back real competition instead of forcing businesses to function as charities for women who want to pretend to be men
  • We could easily think of more simple solutions, which over the period of just a decade, could drastically alter the social fabric.

We have a system that suppresses human nature. We are being held back by this system. All things being equal, the natural order will always assert itself. All we really need to do to get women back where they belong is give a little nudge in the right direction.

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