Renowned Alleged Homosexual Matt Gaetz Claims That He’s Marrying a Vagina Person

Congressman Matt Gaetz, who is fat, and recently revealed that he spent years living with a Cuban twink he is not related to, has announced that he is marrying a vagina person in a heterosexual manner. Many are shocked by this news.

Gaetz recently spoke of this on CNN where he was interviewed by Jewish racial activist Jake Tapper.

Here is a partial transcript:

Jake Tapper: The president this morning announced that he is doing a bad thing, and many people really think it’s bad for him to do that, and frankly, it’s ridiculous. Do you think this is good?

Matt Gaetz: You know Jake, the president might do a good thing, maybe people disagree, but always, people do things.

Tapper: People often do things, but do they often do bad things? The president regularly does a bad thing, and is this normal, to do a bad thing with such a regular schedule?

Gaetz: I think that bad thing or good thing, these are always things, and people, and places. It’s a grab bag, really.

Tapper: Okay, well I’m not sure the American people will agree with that.

Gaetz: Sometimes, people agree with things. Other times, maybe circumstances are such that it’s different, but we have to keep working to do these things, so we can create various outcomes.

Tapper: Okay, I appreciate your honesty. Before we go, I just want to congratulate you on your marriage announcement.

Gaetz: Yes, Jake. I’m marrying a female woman, with a vagina. Like many men, I enjoy inserting my penis into vaginas, and ejaculating my semen into the vagina.

Tapper: Okay, well, I think that’s something a lot of people can relate to, certainly.

Gaetz: Jake, I talk to people every day in this country, and one thing that many tell me is, “I enjoy sticking my penis into a vagina, because it makes me feel happy,” and I just want people to know, I’m just like you and I think it feels great to stick my penis into a vagina, and I’m living my life in accordance with that practice. Like so many Americans, I feel great joy when my penis gets into that warm, moist vagina.

Tapper: Okay, well, we wish you the best of luck.

Gaetz: Thanks, Jake.

You can’t accuse him of being cagey, that’s for sure.

Actually, you could.

I don’t believe this charade, and I believe that Matt Gaetz is a fraud and a homosexual pederast.

Many people have accused Josh Hawley of being a closeted homosexual, and I have continually said: there is no evidence of that, and I am not going to slander a man because he looks vaguely gay.

However, with Gaetz: the man literally lived with a Cuban twink – who was largely underage for most of that relationship – with whom he had no direct relationship. Explain to me how that is explainable. Would you invite a strange Cuban boy to live in your house, and inexplicably refer to him as “my son”? Do you know any heterosexual who would do this?

I obviously don’t have any definitive evidence of this, but I’m telling you, I think this guy is an absolute homo, and I think this is a fake thing he is doing, staging this marriage right after he for some reason exposed the Cuban twink himself.

Remember: many, many politicians are closeted homosexuals. We recently saw this with Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, who is married with children but got caught smoking meth with a gay porn star – then came out and said he is “bisexual.”