Reminder: Soros’ Media Matters Identified Katie Hopkins as Important Trump Ally on Twitter

As I pointed out on Wednesday, all of the internet censorship we’ve seen since the election of Donald Trump has been primarily aimed at ensuring that he doesn’t get reelected by silencing all of his supporters. I was targeted for extreme censorship in 2017 not because of I made fun of a fat woman, but because I had been identified as someone who played a role in electing Donald Trump by getting out the youth vote.

We know it isn’t about “white supremacy,” because people who are in the media constantly as white supremacists are allowed to operate openly on basic social media platforms, while mainstream Trump supporters are being banned.

One mainstream Trump supporter to be banned from Twitter recently was Katie Hopkins, a British pundit who knew Trump from having appeared on his show The Apprentice.

Twitter didn’t explain why they banned her, but claimed it was necessary to keep people safe. It’s kind of funny that they have the nerve to use the “safety” terminology, since that was exactly what the liberals of the 70s and 80s were fighting against when they were trying to legalize vulgarity and obscenity. I always think of the iconic Frank Miller propaganda advertisement that ran in every Dark Horse comic when I was a kid, where censorship is equated to child rape.

(Miller would later run up against censorship for his statements against Islam and communism, and then completely cuck out, which he never did when he was defending obscenity.)

Of course, people were safe around Katie Hopkins’ tweets for years, so you would think something would have to have changed to make them unsafe around her tweets now, but no. (She is saying now she was banned after making a Blackadder reference, but it was clearly arbitrary.)

Interestingly, I stumbled across an article from Media Matters for America (archive link), a Jewish anti-speech activism group funded by the Jewish leader George Soros, calling for her to be banned in August of 2019.

The article, by the Jew Alex Kaplan, lists off citations of pretexts for banning from social media. What MMFA does is compile these lists so that when the social media companies ban people, if they are pressed by the media on why they did the ban, they can cite these lists. When Twitter staff were pressed on bannings by Tim Pool on the Joe Rogan show, they appeared to be looking at MMFA for explanations as to why they banned people.

What is interesting though is that the article was framed as examining the relationship between Trump and Hopkins.

What Twitter appears to be doing now is going through the Media Matters archives and identifying people with large followings who support Trump to be banned from the platform.

The goal is to create a situation where it appears that no one supports Donald Trump at all, and also to make sure that people do not understand the legitimate arguments for voting for Trump.

Basically, I’m the first one to admit how disappointed I am with Donald Trump’s presidency. However, I’ve also got a much larger and historic view of what’s going on in the larger scheme of things, and I can see that what is being planned here is for a black figure – probably Kamala Harris, maybe Stacy Abrams – to ride in on the back of the zombie corpse of Joe Biden, and give birth to a new America, where the oppression of and ultimately the killing of whites will be socially acceptable.

If the Democrats win, they are going to grant citizenship to the 30-50 million “Latinos” already in the country, which will mean a Republican can never win an election again, and we will just be subjected to a slow slaughter.

Conversely, if Trump wins, it is possible that we can get Tucker Carlson elected in 2024, and he can do what needs to be done to fix this country, given that he understands the situation so much better than Trump and has more deeper personal convictions than Trump.

This is to say, there are future paths which you can get general ideas about, and when you are concerned about a future for White Christian Civilization, a Biden victory is disastrous and so much bigger than a simple election.

These ideas are things that can be broken down into bits and bytes and MEMES and transmitted to the people, if you have access to networks of communication. I’ve proved capable of pushing these kinds of ideas up into places like the Katie Hopkins Twitter feed. So all of that has to be blocked off in the run-up to the election, so that the people are not able to vote (or make the decision to not bother voting) with complete information.

This program of banning people is not only election meddling, but it is also voter suppression.

Someone needs to start figuring out a plan to get this information to the people. I think we need to start really thinking about going around and knocking on people’s doors and letting them know that the killing is about to begin. In fact, what you should do is combine campaigning for Donald Trump with campaigning for yourself for a local government office, and you should start that now. You need to get into local government. Trump needs to stay in national government.

We’re just going to have to do this the old fashioned way, like the Mormons.

Just make sure you have full sleeves and a red tie because people won’t open the door if they think you’re a Mormon.